Don’t do this electrical work yourself

It’s great when you can DIY some work on your home. However, electrical work can be complicated and dangerous. 

As Family Handyman said, “The main factor when deciding whether an electrical project can be tackled by a DIYer or whether it should be handled professionally is the complexity of the project.”

Here are two things we do not recommend you try yourself. 


Replacing electrical things is tough work – especially wiring, circuit breakers, and burned outlets. 

You can try replacing outlets most of the time but if they are hot or blackened stay away. These need professional attention and advanced knowledge, so definitely leave this one to the pros. 

“If you just replace the outlet without looking deeper, you’re basically just applying a bandaid to an electrical problem. A professional electrician will be able to accurately diagnose whatever more advanced problem is causing the issue and then repair it correctly.”

Installing new wiring

Adding wiring is more difficult than many people realize.

For example Winters Electric said, “if you want a light fixture where there is no sign of a light fixture, you need a professional, because – if you want chandelier, recessed lighting, or wall mounted lights – you will need to figure out where existing wiring is, and how to run it to where it’s needed.”

Know when to call

When it comes down to it, if you aren’t confident you should absolutely call a professional. There’s too much at stake with electrical work – from shock risks to house fires. 

Our professionals can step in and do the job right so you can rest easy. 

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