Developing your SENSE of home style

Are you looking to elevate the style in your home? 

Use your senses!

The most obvious sense used in design is definitely sight. However, a perfectly styled home isn’t all about how it looks. All five senses can work together!

Here’s how you can incorporate the other four senses. 


Believe it or not, one of the first things visitors might notice about your home is the way it smells!

You can keep your house smelling nice a few different ways. Plants are a great way to freshen up the air. You could also use candles, air fresheners, or bake!

For the holiday season Yahoo said, “Crisp peppermint, fresh-cut evergreen, cinnamon sticks, and freshly baked sugar cookies—these festive smells can bring back fond memories from Christmases past, instantly boost your holiday spirit, or simply fill your home with cozy ambiance on a cold winter night.”


Sound can be addressed a few ways. 

The first is to add sounds to a space! Examples include playing music or adding wind chimes.

You could also use strategies to dampen sound in a large or loud room. Home Guides said, “Lay plenty of rugs on wood or tile floors. . . Rugs add a touch of warmth underfoot as well as helping to prevent echoes.”


Rugs are also a great way to incorporate a sense of touch! 

The Detroit News said, “A deluxe sectional feels soft to the touch while natural elements add texture and scent.”

Additionally, try adding some textured throw pillows and soft blankets.


This one is easy – keep tasty snacks ready and available!

Open your mind, use your senses, and get creative!

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