Dealing with all the Christmas Clutter

Have you noticed that stuff just piles up around the holidays?

You’re not alone, this happens to everyone!

If you’re done with clutter this holiday season, here are a few tips. 

1. Start with the boxes

Between deliveries and gifts there always seem to be a ton of boxes lying around this time of year!

They take up a lot of space and create lots of clutter. 

Get rid of them right away! Take off any tape, break them down, and put them right into the recycling. 

2. Go through the decorations 

Christmas decorations often have sentimental value, but take a hard look at all the ones you own and be honest with yourself.

Is that pillow looking a little dingy? Is it time to say goodbye to the Santa ornament that has been missing an eye for years?

There’s nothing wrong with downsizing your decoration collection.

3. Everything should have a home

When you or someone in your household receives a gift, decide that day where it goes. 

Organizing Moms said, “This will help you decide whether or not you have room for some of your new possessions.”

You don’t need to keep things you don’t want out of obligation. Donate them!

4. Ask for experiences instead of things

NBC said, “Perhaps the best way to make everybody happy (and also keep your environment clutter-free) is to suggest giftable experiences that everybody can enjoy together.”

What a wonderful idea.

Happy holidays!

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