Bringing back the 20’s with art deco

Art Deco was a defining trend one hundred years ago.

Don’t you think it’s time we bring it back?

After all, it’s the 20’s again!

Here’s how you can do art deco with a modern twist.

Art Deco in History

To properly style today, you need to know the history of art deco.

Art deco style isn’t just one thing.

In architecture, look for strong geometric lines. Great examples of this era can be seen in New York City and Miami.

The inside is a different story. This style was meant to portray wealth and glamour. Interiors had metallic finishes, mirrors, and rich colors accented with gold and black.

If you’re thinking Gatsby you’re on the right track.

Adding a Modern Twist

If you want to go all out art deco, go for it! However, for most people that would be a bit over the top for today’s tastes.

Instead, use accents of art deco style in a minimal way.

The Manual said, “Hunter green, emerald blue, deep mauve — all still work in a contemporary space when used carefully. Try a punch of color with a few green cushions on a built-in banquet or a geometric area rug with a pop of red.”

Powder rooms are the perfect space to try this out. Use a gold mirror, a black accent wall and an art deco-style wallpaper. Then add some retro art to finish out the look!

Most of al, have fun with it! If you need some handyman help making your art deco dreams come true, just go to the HeyBryan app and connect with one of our trusted professionals.

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