Roofs & gutters

Having a roof over your head is one thing, but if it’s not in good shape, you can face lasting and expensive damage to the inside of your home. Average Roofs and Gutters rates on HeyBryan are $60 - $80 per hour.  Start booking your task today.

Roofs & gutters

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Nobody likes going up ladders and risking injury. But sometimes duty calls. After all, your roof, gutters and windows are your first line of defence against the elements. Fortunately, we have experts who specialize in all things roofing and who come equipped with a head for heights too!

  • Exterior window repair

    Smashed window? Rotting frames? Faulty tracks? One of our window experts can get things sorted, so that the heat stays in and the cold stays out.

  • Roofs

    Is your roof starting to deteriorate? Let one of our roofing experts replace shingles, fix leaky holes, or even repair damage from trees.

  • Gutters & leaks

    When it’s wet or snowy, you can face issues with gutters, eaves and downspouts. And the dry season is often the best time to maintain them.

Do-it-yourself doesn’t have to be done yourself.

Whether you want your bedroom painted purple (hey, we don’t judge) or get a table assembled, we have an expert for the job. A quick search below should land you in the right place.

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