Electrical services

Here’s one area where hiring an expert makes a lot of sense. Electrics are notoriously complicated and, as we like to say, “safety never takes a vacation”. Average Electrician rates on FastTask are $80 - $100 per hour.  Start booking your task today.

Electrical services

Book an approved electrician

Currents R Us! Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, a FastTask electrician is your best bet for just about any electrical task or problem-solving.

  • Electrical panels & breakers

    Got a short-circuit somewhere? Flickering lights? Or an unexplained outage of some kind? We’ll get to the bottom of it in no time.

  • Wiring

    Instead of getting your, err...wires crossed, reach out and we can take of any wiring installation or repair work.

  • Light fixtures & switches

    From dimmers and switches to simple pate replacements, look no further for all your day-to-day lighting needs.

Do-it-yourself doesn’t have to be done yourself.

Whether you want your bedroom painted purple (hey, we don’t judge) or get a table assembled, we have an expert for the job. A quick search below should land you in the right place.

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