Cleaning Services

Like pigs in mud, we’re at our happiest when we’re in amongst the dirt. Not really, but we do love a good home-cleaning challenge. Average Cleaning rates on FastTask are $25 - $45 per hour.  Start booking your task today.

Cleaning Services

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Whether it’s spring home cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, a moving clean or a regularly scheduled freshen-up, our cleaning experts provide reliable and impressive services that you’ll see, feel and smell.

  • Apartment move out

    When it’s a case of getting a deposit back, you don’t want to cut corners. After one of our cleaners has been through, it’ll be just like you were never there. You were there, right?

  • Post-party clean-up

    Go ahead, party like it’s 2019! The next day, allow us to face the music and in no time, we’ll get everything back to normal. In fact, even sparklier than before.

  • Window cleaning

    Get your view back with an annual exterior window cleaning. This is a dangerous task that you really want to leave to the experts who can get things sparkling again.

  • Deep cleaning

    Treat your home to a timely overhaul where our cleaning experts give it the thorough treatment, cleaning inside ovens, behind fridges, etc.

  • Weekly home refresh

    Sometimes you’re just too busy for the regular home upkeep. Our trusted cleaners will perform house-wide dusting, wiping and above all, vacuuming that doesn’t suck. Sorry, that was bad.

Do-it-yourself doesn’t have to be done yourself.

Whether you want your bedroom painted purple (hey, we don’t judge) or get a table assembled, we have an expert for the job. A quick search below should land you in the right place.

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