Best gardening hacks and tools for spring 2021

Spring has sprouted and now is the perfect time to revamp your beautiful garden. Having your own produce allows you to spend less time at the grocery stores and more time in the fresh air. With these tools and hacks, your garden will grow to its best potential. Happy Spring.

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Hutzler Garden Colander

The Hutzler Garden Colander is a perfect tote-like garden tool that makes it easy to gather and wash your fruits and veggies, straight out of your garden. Its large, bright pink design makes it easy to spot against you’re your, hopefully, green garden.


The old sponge hack

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Cut up your old kitchen sponges and place them at the bottom of your pot. This prevents root rot, absorbs excess water, prevent water leaking out of the bottom of your pot and create necessary air space to allow your plant to grow to its full capacity.

Coffee filter dirt stopper

Placing a coffee filter at the bottom of the pot, will keep your deck clean and shiny. Nothing is more frustrating than look outside at your beautiful pots and dirty water drips all over your patio after you water your gorgeous plants. Coffee filters will catch that dirty water and keep your deck pristine.

Coffee Filter Dirt Stopper 2
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Vinegar for weeds

Weeds are one of the most annoying pests that wreck the whole organizing and cleanliness of your garden. Using vinegar is a much safer alternative than chemical weed killers. Its great if you have pets or children that play in your yard. It works for most of the common weeds and if your pour it directly on the route it will work great.

Coffee grounds for pests

Most households have old coffee grounds that regularly go to waste. Coffee grounds are a great way to keep your plants safe from snails and slugs. By placing them at the base of your younger plants, it’ll ward off your common garden pests. Coffee grounds also make a great alternative fertilizer.

Seed and seedling spacing tool

This tool allows you to perfectly space out your seeds as you begin to plant them. By pressing the tool into the soil, it leaves the perfect impression which will allow the plants to grow perfectly with the proper care.

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Zip tie hack

Climbing plants can become easily out of control without the proper guidance. Loosely tied Zip Ties are a great way to guide your plants to make them look controlled and well kept.

Folding garden kneeler

Crouching down on your knees in the dirt is uncomfortable for most. By using this light, foldable garden kneeler, it’ll take away the aches and pains of gardening. This tool even comes with pouches to keep your tool in arms reach.

Synthetic leather cuff rose garden gloves

These are the only garden gloves you will ever need. They are poke proof, clippings and dirt won’t fall into the gloves, they are very comfortable, have amazing grip and the long leather design will protect forearms from scratches.

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