Bathroom style inspiration

One of the most common renovation projects that homeowners take on is in the bathroom.

However, you don’t need a full-scale renovation to get your bathroom looking fresh and stylish! Sometimes all it takes is some regular maintenance and a little sprucing up. 

Here are three ideas for upscaling your bathroom without having to renovate. 

1. Go bold with paint

It’s common to hear that bathrooms should be a light color to make the space look bigger and neutral for resale. 

Why not have some fun instead? 

Bold colors are fun and totally in style!

House Beautiful said, “Your bathroom is often closed off to the rest of your house, so use it as an excuse to get a little wild.”

2. Fresh and clean style

Not into bright, bold colors?

Make your bathroom a fresh, serene sanctuary instead!

The Spruce recommended, “Lots of white with a touch of green, tons of light with a bamboo roman shade: these all work together to make a nice, refreshing bathroom in which to wash the day off.”

Some new paint, fresh plants, and a good cleaning can do a lot of good!

3. Whiten your old tub or sink

Thinking about replacing your white-but-dingy bathroom tub or shower? 

Try refreshing it instead! This can make your bathroom look new and updated without the work or the price tag. 

Hunker said, “A little preventative rinsing after the shower will prevent some discoloration, but you still have to do battle with lime and scale. Instead of using scouring powders that can cause deep scratches in the shower’s finish, choose a gentle cleanser to whiten the shower basin.”

Click the link for detailed instructions!

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