Backyard lighting tips and trends

Spring has just begun which means the sun starts to set later and the weather will be slowly getting warmer. Now is the best time to set up your patio for those perfect sunset evenings. Backyard lighting effects the ambiance and whole design of your beautiful patio. Finding the right lighting for you will make your backyard look the best it can be. Read on for Fast Task tips and trends for backyard lighting…

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String lights

When shopping for string lights, there are many things you should look for. There are multiple sizes, you need to make sure they can withstand the elements and a length that’ll fit perfectly. Some of our favourites are…

Brightown 100-Foot Outdoor String Lights

These lights have a beautiful vintage style. They have the length of 100 feet, they are waterproof and have money saving efficiency. This style is dimmable and has 5 watts per bulb. They are bright but soft which is perfect for a relaxing night outdoors.

The Best String Lights Option: Brightown 100-Foot Outdoor String Lights
Source: Amazon

Brightech 27-Foot Ambience Pro Solar Lights

These LED lights make plug-ins much less complicated. With six hours of direct sunlight, these lights can stay lit for up to six hours. With WeatherTite technology, these lights can withstand rain, wind, snow and high heat. This is a much more ecofriendly option that we would recommend.

The Best Outdoor String Lights: Britech
Source: Amazon

Path lights

Path Lights are a great way to create a beautiful, well-lit paths throughout your garden or backyard. They are great if you have children or elderly people living or visiting your backyard.

Source: Amazon

Solar Path Lights

Solar Powered Path lights are a great option because they are very affordable, weatherproof and you don’t have to deal with the annoyance of wires and plugs. They look fantastic and warmly light up a perfect path.

Bollard Path Lights

Bollard Path Lights a modern/ contemporary way to light up your backyard. They are often LED but you can also find Solar Powered ones. The placement of these lights looks great against hedges and large plants.

Source: Amazon

Outdoor wall lights

Siding lights on your outdoor walls can brighten up a beautiful outdoor dining area or outdoor bar or BBQ area. They are also great for highlighting landscapes. Modern and contemporary designs fit perfectly with any colour or style of house.

Waterproof LED wall sconce

This modern sconce is waterproof and LED so it’ll produce an elegant light in your outdoor area.

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Source: Amazon

Rustic industrial outdoor sconce

This particular light would work for indoor and outdoor lighting. Its rustic metal design add sophistication to any space.

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Smart security lights

The most popular outdoor lighting trends for 2021 will be outdoor Smart Security Lights. Through apps and voice commands, lights can be controlled inside and outside your home. Motion sensors and scheduling can be done from the click of a button.


Ring has multiple Home Security Lighting options for your home. Many have cameras that can all be controlled by your phone, as well as if a motion sensor light is triggered, Ring can record your yard.

Ring solar floodlight

Alro Pro 3

This device offers 2k video resolution, colour night vision, two-way audio, and a bright floodlight that will light up your whole yard. It is pricey but it is definitely worth your money.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

We’ve packed a lot of useful outdoor lighting information in this post and hopefully, it’ll help with your decision making.

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