Attention Experts: Nine new HeyBryan home-service categories and some platform news

At HeyBryan HQ, our commitment to improving the experience and ease of service for our Home-Service Experts is always paramount. With this in mind we have made a number of improvements to the HeyBryan app, based on feedback from customers and other Experts. These changes have been implemented to make it easier for you to find work, manage hours and, most importantly, make money.

Nine new home-service categories waiting for you

Adept at installing and maintaining heating or air-conditioning? Have a truck or van that’s ideal for home moving or delivery? We just added nine new categories for you to easily advertise your services to potential clients.

The full list of new categories is:

  • Flooring & Carpeting
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Junk Removal
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Mounting & Installation
  • Moving Services
  • Pick up & Delivery
  • Roofs & Gutters
  • Snow Removal

Are any of these a fit for you? If so, log in to the app and update your profile!

Rescheduling and client communications

The biggest change we have made is the introduction of a new ‘rescheduling’ feature. If a client requests you for a job but it doesn’t quite line-up with your schedule, you can now suggest and agree a different time without the need for the client to initiate a new booking request.

In addition, when declining or cancelling a booking on HeyBryan you are now required to provide a reason as to why. We have implemented this change so that we can get a better idea of why tasks are affected in this way, and help insure that we are pairing our Experts up with clients who are best suited for them.

Pro Tip: Remember, if you find yourself cancelling tasks because they are outside your work schedule, you will probably benefit from updating your profile. You can do this quickly and easily by going to your Profile and setting the hours and days you’re available to work under ‘Available for hire’. By doing this you are giving yourself the best chance of finding suitable jobs and maximizing your earning potential.

Here’s how to do it:

Our business is our Experts

In response to customer demand HeyBryan has doubled its Expert base in the last few months and we feel these updates help you stand out from the crowd, make the most efficient use of your time, and pair you with the most suitable potential client base.

Our goal is always to make the journey from booking to completion as simple as possible, these changes help us to achieve this. If our Experts are happy, and your customers are happy, then we’re happy. Be sure to keep your feedback and ideas coming into us, we’re always happy to listen.

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