8 ways to protect your floors this winter

Floors take a beating during the winter – more family and friends than usual bring in rain, snow, dirt and mud on their shoes and boots. Winter debris can scratch and stain floors… so here are 10 ways to protect your floors and keep them looking clean and sharp.

Apply a floor sealant

Whether you have hardwood, tile or stone flooring, a good waterproof sealant is great for floor protection against water damage and scratches. Sealants don’t last forever though, so be sure to reapply it if traffic has worn the surface. Carpets can also be sprayed with a waterproof sealant so that stains don’t stick. Don’t want to do it yourself? Book a HeyBryan Handyman or Painter to do it for you!

Use door mats

Put mats at all your entry doors – inside and outside — to capture the worst dirt off shoes and boots. Coarse outdoor mats are best outside so people can wipe their shoes before they come in, and washable mats indoors are easy to wipe, vacuum or throw in the laundry. Also consider putting a boot scraper at your high-traffic entry doors for added floor protection.

Boot trays, shelves and baskets

Once shoes and boots have been taken off, provide a tray, shelf or basket where they can drip and dry. These items present an obvious target for friends and family to place their footwear so you may not even have to ask.

Keep slippers available

Provide comfortable slippers for your family so they’re less likely to want to wear their shoes indoors.

Leverage area rugs and runners

Area rugs and hallway runners protect floors and add warmth underfoot as well. Just make sure they’re secured with a rubberized under-layer for safety, so they don’t slip or become a tripping hazard.

Ask guests to remove shoes

Ask guests to remove their boots and shoes and create an area where they’re safe and organized.

Place felt pads under chair legs

Furniture and chairs that might be moved frequently for holiday parties should have felt pads under their feet so that floors don’t get scraped. 

Sweep, vacuum and clean frequently

Ensure that dirt and debris are cleaned regularly so that it doesn’t scrape or scratch your floors from foot traffic. Dirt may not be obvious to the eye, but when grit is walked on and ground into the floor, it will scratch the surface.

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