8 tips to prep your garden for winter

Now that Mother Nature is painting the country with gorgeous fall foliage, it’s a sign that it’s time to protect and prepare your garden and lawn for winter. Here’s a fall garden maintenance checklist to guide you.

Plant bulbs for spring beauty

Plant tulip, daffodil, hyacinth and crocus bulbs now and by spring your garden will be blooming with a blaze of beautiful colours. 

Trim and transplant perennials

While your perennials are thinking about closing up shop for the winter, fall is the best time to trim them and deadhead the buds. If you want to move some plants around, divide and transplant them while they’re dormant.

Wrap trees and shrubs

For added winter protection, wrap young trees and shrubs with burlap to provide a layer of warmth against winter’s wrath. 

Rake and compost leaves

Eventually, those glorious leaves of fall are going to be lying on your lawn and in your gardens, so mulch or bag them so they don’t ruin your grass or plants. Leaving them on your lawn traps moisture and that can lead to fungus growth and pest problems in the spring. The same goes for pine needles, pinecones, acorns and those beautiful shiny chestnuts. Perhaps bring some of them inside your home for fall decor or arts and crafts projects for your kids.

Remove vegetable plants and fallen fruit

Clear out vegetable plants that have done their duty feeding your family all summer, along with any fallen fruit from trees that would rot on your lawn if left unattended. Disposing of vegetables and fruits also deters critters who are looking for a free lunch – and then moving into your basement or attic for winter since you’ve been so kind.

Trim trees and bushes

Trim trees and bushes of any branches that could harm your home’s roof, break a window or do any damage to your property during a storm. Also clear away thick bushes that might provide a winter nest for pests who’ll spend the next few weeks digging an entrance into your home.

Lawn maintenance

Choose a fall fertilizer for your lawn that feeds it the necessary nutrients to survive winter. Consider fertilizer as a hearty stew to endure the hibernation. A fertilizer that’s labelled Fall or Winter will contain the right ratio of nitrogen for green leafy growth, phosphorus for strong roots, and potassium for overall hardiness that’s suited to preparing for winter.

Protect garden beds

Add a layer of mulch or compost to your garden beds to provide both nutrients and protection against winter’s freezing rain and snow. The layer also helps minimize soil erosion and you’ll have less topping up to do in the spring.

For these and other fall garden maintenance checklist needs, you can easily book a trusted HeyBryan Expert who specializes in garden maintenance, lawn care and landscaping services. Each Expert has been vetted, background checked, and approved by the HeyBryan team so you can feel comfortable having an Expert around your home to carry out your fall garden maintenance checklist.

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