7 tips for a mid-winter roof and gutter inspection

Although winter is far from over, how is your roof and gutter system holding up so far? Those pretty icicles hanging from your eaves may look nice, but they could be a sign of a gutter ice problem. Is snow accumulating in one area of your roof more than another? Are your downspouts secure and still diverting water at least three feet away from your foundation? 

Your roof is your first line of defence against bad weather so book a mid-winter roof and gutter inspection to detect potential problems early. Here’s where you need to look and why.

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Is there a buildup of ice in your gutters? If your gutters didn’t drain melting snow, then the next deep freeze could turn that water into an ice dam. The expansion and weight of the ice can cause gutters to collapse. Or trapped melting ice can seep into cracks in your roof and make its way inside your home. Consider roof heating cables to keep ice from forming in problem areas.

Snow buildup in valleys

If heavy snow is accumulating in an area of your roof that’s close to the edge, have it cleared with a shovel or broom before it becomes an avalanche that lands on someone.

Shingles wear and tear

When there’s no snow on your roof, take a look at your asphalt shingles. Are they curling or balding? Watch for black granules in your gutters or if any shingles are missing. These are signs that the rain, sleet, snow and strong winds have been tearing away at your shingles and it’s time to replace them – as long as temperatures are warm enough for a repair patch.

Roof joints and seals

It’s easy for snow and water to get underneath joints and seals in valleys, around vents, surrounding skylights and your chimney. Water can get trapped underneath and ice can form that lifts up the flashing or seal. Joints may be exposed and become the site of a leak.

Roofline check

Stand back and take a look at your roof. Is it drooping or slanted? Years of heavy snow may be warping and causing it to sag in weak areas such as over a porch. Stronger reinforcement is required.

Attic leaks

Check inside your attic and look for signs of wet insulation that may signal there’s a leak – or if you see daylight in an area that reveals a crack. Also check if any critters created openings in your roof and have been hibernating and nibbling at your house.


Inside your home do any ceilings or walls have dark spots, bubbling paint or cracks? These can be signs of water in the walls caused by a roof leak. To know what’s really going on, you’ll need to cut open the drywall to see the source.

Book a HeyBryan Expert to do a mid-winter roof and gutter inspection. You can feel confident knowing that a HeyBryan Expert has been approved by the HeyBryan team, had a background check done and has the experience to do roof and gutter repairs safely.

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