7 steps to switch from using your furnace to air conditioner

When you hear the birds chirping outside your home, consider it the call to do the switchover from heating your home to keeping it cool. Here are seven easy steps to put your furnace to bed and wake up your air conditioner for summer.


1. Turn off the furnace

Turning your furnace off completely is a personal choice and depends on the age of your furnace, how it performed last winter, and your climate.

If you choose to turn it off completely, including the pilot light that’s consuming gas, you’ll save on utility costs. The furnace Off switch is usually located on a wall nearby and looks like a light switch. Or it may be a breaker switch on your electrical panel.

However, there are some risks to not running your furnace pilot light year round. Condensation can build up during the summer months if your basement is damp and cool. This can lead to rust and corrosion inside your furnace. To avoid this, make sure your furnace has good ventilation nearby and consider firing it up once a month to check its performance.

Contact a HVAC professional from HeyBryan to advise on what’s best for your particular furnace and basement conditions.

2. Change the furnace filter

Your furnace and air conditioning share the same air handling system, so install a new filter — something you should do about every three months to keep your home’s air fresh.

3. Switch the thermostat setting

Switch your thermostat from Heat to Cool and adjust to your desired temperature.

4. Clean floor and wall vents

Now is a good time to clean all the air register vents to remove dirt, dust and debris. You can clean and vacuum them yourself or hire an air duct cleaning company from HeyBryan for a thorough whole home job. These experts usually charge by the number of vents you have in your home.


5. Uncover your air conditioner and clear debris

After the snow melts, you’ll likely find debris surrounding your air conditioner ranging from old leaves to garbage to clear away. Also remove any weeds or vines that may have grown on it last fall and check that the concrete pad or metal mounting brackets are still level and secure.

6. Replace the air conditioner filter

You should replace your air conditioner filter at the beginning of each season to maximize its cooling efficiency.

7. Turn the air conditioner on

Even though you may not need your air conditioner yet, turn it on. If it doesn’t work, call an air conditioning professional from HeyBryan to check it. The condenser coil may need cleaning or the coolant lines may be clogged and also need cleaning, repaired or replaced.

Now is also a good time to consider your furnace’s and air conditioner’s past performance and whether it’s time to replace them. Replacing both at the same time can be more cost efficient and spring is a great time to do it since neither appliance is in great demand.

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