6 tips to keep your home safe and secure while on vacation

Vehicle all gassed up? Check. Hotel or campsite booked? Check. Home security plan in place? Never thought of that! Global travel is obviously greatly impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but many of us are taking local staycations. When travelling, for any length of time really, it’s important to have a plan in place to protect your home. Here are 6 tips to make your home less tempting to burglars.

1. Motion detecting lights

Install motion-detector lights at each corner of your home so they turn on automatically if a person or animal approaches. Just be sure the light doesn’t shine in your neighbours’ windows and wakes them up too.

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2. Smart cameras and doorbells

Cameras placed near your doors will show you who is there either on a monitor or through an app on your smartphone. With the increase in online shopping, there’s also been an increase in homeowners installing cameras just to monitor (and even record if you like) deliveries in case of theft. Fake cameras are also a great deterrent if you want to save a bit of money.

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3. Good old fashioned alarm system

Alarms can be as small and unobtrusive as two little magnets that face each other on a door or window and the facing frame. When the connection between the two sensors is broken when it opens, the signal is sent to an alarm device to alert you. The device can be a home speaker, your smart phone, or an alarm monitoring station.

Home security systems that are monitored by a company for a monthly fee includes dispatching police or emergency crews if the alarm isn’t shut off by punching in a code, or you don’t answer your phone. Your home insurance company may give you a discount for having a monitored system.

4. Door and window locks

Choosing between a traditional key lock or high-tech digital lock is personal preference and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Digital locks allow you to change the passcode frequently, or only allow a certain code for a certain person, so you can control access. However, these locks are battery-operated so you need to ensure the batters are charged otherwise you’ll need to use the key. A traditional key lock carries the risk that keys can be lost or stolen and constantly changing the locks can be costly. These can be a little tricky to install. You can always hire a Fast Task Handyman for help!

You should also consider adding swing bolts, deadbolts or chain locks to your doors. Although they can be fairly easily cut with clippers or unlocked by hand or with a tool, they are a second step of security that might hinder an invasion or at least alert you.

5. Signs and stickers 

Signs and stickers for doors, windows or on a landscaping stake that reads ‘Beware of Dog’ or features a home security company name, can deter burglars whether you actually have a dog or security system or not.

6. Non-tech home security tips

These low-tech tips can also increase your home’s security when you’re away on vacation:

  • Don’t hide a key under a planter, doormat or rock since these are well-known hiding places and the first place that a burglar would check
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed so a burglar can’t see that no one is home
  • Make your home look like someone is home such as parking a car in the driveway or putting boots at the doors as if someone just went inside
  • Remove any tools or equipment such as a ladder that makes access easy
  • Lock up your shed if it contains anything valuable like tools or equipment
  • Have someone check on your home and collect newspapers or flyers that might be left at your doorstep
  • If you’ve recently bought a new TV, stereo system, bicycle or similar expensive item, recycle the boxes in a way that doesn’t advertise your recent purchases

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