6 unique outdoor rugs perfect for your new patio

Rugs are such an essential addition to a patio! Choosing the right design means that this piece will instantly transform the outdoor space and make it your new favourite spot. If you’ve been stuck trying to find the perfect outdoor rugs for your new patio, we have six great ideas that you can check out and hopefully recognize your future rug in one of them.

Go for Jute

Jute is one of the most popular rug materials at the moment. You can now hop on the jute trend with a stunning rug for your new patio. Its neutral colour will fit right in with whatever shade your furniture and decorations are in. This fabric can complement a bunch of different design styles such as boho, farmhouse, minimalist, Scandinavian, contemporary, etc.

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It’s soft, unique, adds texture to space and will be the first thing your guests will notice. Don’t forget to keep it away from the rain because it’s not the most suitable solution for humid environments. If you still want to opt for jute, you might need to take it to the carpet cleaners more often, but it will pay back with its stunning appearance. Plus, this is an environmentally friendly option, so that’s another huge plus.


Make it pop

A bold pop of colour will brighten up your patio even on gloomy days. If you’re a maximalist who loves to stand out, you should opt for vibrant colours. These shades are perfect for small patios that need a lift-me-up.

Imagine your new outdoor space decorated with white or nude furniture and fuchsia or a green-coloured rug. Add a few plants, a few striking candles, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical spot. Now all you need is a cocktail in your hand, and the party can start.


Round and round

Are you ready to look outside the box and skip on the boring rectangular shape? If yes, you’re in need of an oval or round rug. Imagine how awesome it will look in the middle of your patio, right under your favourite outdoor table! These two shapes will elevate small spaces to a whole new level.

Another fun idea is a round rug with cutouts. There is no doubt that it will be the coolest addition to your outdoor space, but it might not grasp dirt and dust as much as a regular rug. Still, it’s worth the risk because it will add to the uniqueness of the patio.


Stripes and fun

Stripes will never go out of fashion! If you want a style that works great with simple patio furniture, this one is it. The great thing about this kind of rug is that you can find various designs with thin stripes, thick, two-coloured, or multi-colour.

This print will also make the space appear larger, meaning that it’s great for small spaces. Did you know that stripes are one of the most popular prints for this year and will be perfect for dressing up your patio?



Nothing beats a patterned, oriental-style rug! Possibly our favourite pick on this list, the oriental-inspired rug is the most fabulous, eye-catching print that you can opt for. Yes, it can be done in black and white, but if you go bold, go all the way.

Colours such as red, yellow, green, and blue mixed together in a unique oriental print will bring a breath of fresh air to your outdoor deck. Since we’re talking about an outdoor patio, you should stay away from the expensive woven alternatives and purchase one in a synthetic material.



The good old monochrome is here to save the day. If you’re not a person who likes to experiment, just opt for a monochrome rug that works great with the rest of the surroundings.

The shade palette you can choose from is quite extensive, so you’ll have a lot to think about. For example, you can keep the entire space neat in the same colour but in various shades. Or, you can add a rug that is in the same hue as your outdoor lighting, the cushions, pots, plants, and other accessories. If you prefer a single-coloured rug, but you’re afraid that it will look dull, you can find one upgraded with fringe tassels.


Wrapping up

Getting creative with the rug can elevate the entire appearance of your patio. Even if you keep the furniture minimal, the rug can be the centrepiece everyone will ask about.

Some of the most popular choices you can opt for are stunning jute rugs, quirky oriental-style prints, striking-coloured rugs, unique round shapes, all forms of stripes, and the classic monochrome alternatives. Each one of these six designs is on-trend and will be perfect for a relaxing outdoor space.

Guest author – Tony is the CEO of Love Your Rug – Canada’s largest rug cleaning & restoration facility. Apart from successfully leading his team, Tony loves to share professional advice on how to give a fresh look to carpets, rugs and peoples homes. He is an industry leader and authority in area rug restoration.

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