How to clean and organize your garage in 5 easy steps

Turn your garage into a Garage Mahal – like the 2009 TV show of the same name – that not only keeps your vehicle safe and warm but is beautifully organized for storage or as a bonus room for a hobby or activity.

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Get rid of junk

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The first step in organizing your garage is getting rid of junk. Divide up items into groups such as what goes to charity, is given to friends or family, sold in a garage sale or online, or goes to the garbage or city depot. There may be an extra charge for city depot disposal based on weight so be prepared.

Give it a good cleaning

When the dust settles after the junk removal, sweep, wash and wipe every surface or hire a local cleaner to do it for you. Tough stains such as from oil and grease will require special removal products. They’re important to clean well if you plan on painting over them, otherwise the paint won’t adhere.

Paint the walls and floor

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If the walls of your garage have drywall, paint them with a high-quality, easy-to clean paint that will withstand frequent scrapes and bumps from cars and equipment. Paint the floor of your garage to make future sweeping and cleaning easy and keep dust at bay. Preparing the floor with a primer and choosing the right paint that’s specifically for concrete garage floors is important. Otherwise the wrong paint will bubble and flake off and you’ll have wasted time and money. Hire a residential painter to do this for you since a garage experiences a ton of wear and tear and may need many coats for protection.

Build shelves or cupboards to stay organized

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Assemble and install storage systems that are specifically designed for household and garage items ranging from tools and tires to sports equipment. Consider building a shelf on posts over where the hood of your car gets parked to utilize ceiling space. This shelf will be ideal for items that you rarely use – or only use seasonally like patio furniture pads, pool toys, or Christmas lights. Only put relatively light items up on this shelf so the seasonal switch is easy to do.

Maximize wall space


Walls are ideal for items that are long such as bicycles, kayaks, ladders, shovels and rakes. Hang racks and brackets to hold them but also make them easy to access.

By organizing your garage, you’ll also likely reduce clutter inside your home, since items will have a great place to go and still be accessible when you need them.

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