6 scariest Halloween decor themes for your home

Trick or treat! Make this year’s Halloween the best yet by creating a scary-looking home. Trick or treaters will delight in your outdoor Halloween decorations – if they dare to approach your door. And friends and family will also appreciate your Halloween ‘spirit’. 

Here are 6 Halloween decoration ideas for your home based on the most popular Halloween themes. By choosing a theme, you’ll be able to focus on items available at Halloween decoration stores, things you make yourself, or have decorations made for you. A Fast Task expert who has handyman skills can help.

Graveyard and Skeletons

Headstones are a must to create a Halloween graveyard for your home. There are plenty of lightweight Styrofoam options you can buy in stores. Or make them yourself by buying a plain block of Styrofoam from a home hardware store. Carve out the shape and size you want, seal with grey spray paint, and use a marker to write something on it. Feel free to be humorous if you want to lighten the mood. Google “funny headstone inscriptions” and you’ll see ideas such as “He Loved Bacon”, “I Told You I was Sick” and “Raised four daughters with one bathroom.” And don’t forget to add skeletons by either hanging them, putting them in chairs, or partially burying body parts such as having an arm or skull sticking out of your lawn.

Haunted House

Make your home look haunted by putting spider webs on your bushes, trees, walls, windows, railings and light fixtures. Post signs that read, “Keep Out” and “Danger” and use yellow crime scene tape. Hang a ghost or two at your front door. Put battery-operated flickering candles on your window ledges. Create a face in the window with a stuffed Halloween face mask. Use a fog machine to create mysterious-looking mist.

Zombies and Monsters

Ever since “The Walking Dead” TV show launched, zombies have taken over their own Halloween theme. Create zombie people by stuffing pants and a shirt with crumpled newspaper. Use a stuffed Halloween mask as their faces – the scarier the better. Place your zombies in a chair, slumped in a corner, partially hiding in the bushes or behind furniture. 

Creatures of the Night

Spiders, snakes and bats are all creatures that are creepy. Buy plastic and fabric kinds and display and hang them everywhere and anywhere. You can never have too many of these phobia-creating creatures around during Halloween.

Witches, Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, and Gargoyles

Witches and ghosts are major symbols of Halloween so your options of products will be enormous. Buy these – along with ghouls, goblins and gargoyles – ready-made. You’ll see stuffed costumes, inflatables and all-too-real animatronics. Or you can make them yourself. A witch can be created by stuffing a black dress, adding a cape, mask, pointy hat and broomstick. Likewise, ghosts can be created out of white bed sheets with a head made from a balloon and a rope around its neck.


Aliens are relatively new to the Halloween scene and gaining popularity thanks to the endless  end-of-the-world type movies. Buy these creatures to display and add an inflatable spaceship for the full effect of an alien invasion. Star Wars-type paraphernalia will also help enhance the ‘other worlds’ theme. 

Use lighting for all these themes such as a green glow to add to the doom and gloom. Music also adds a powerful effect, so play scary music of howling and screeching.

For more Halloween decoration ideas visit Pinterest and if you have the courage, watch a few scary movies such as “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Friday the 13th”, and the “Halloween” series.

And book a Fast Task expert to help you install or make Halloween decorations. Experts who offer Handyman Services, do odd jobs, or install lighting (like Christmas or Holiday lights) are your best bet for these tasks. Experts have been vetted by the Fast Task team so you can feel comfortable having them in or around your home.

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