6 home DIY projects for summer

As summer ramps up and you prepare for those backyard BBQs, you might be looking for ways to improve your indoor and outdoor spaces. Thankfully, there are several DIY additions that can serve as beautiful focal points for your home.

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Add backyard lighting

Proper lighting is essential for those late-night summer parties! Lighting does a great job of adding warmth and depth to any space. One popular option includes string lighting. Not only does it offer brightness so you can stay out later with friends, but it often resembles the whimsical appearance of fireflies or stars. They can be hung on your archway, patio, or even draped on trees.

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Lanterns are another attractive option. There are a wide variety of lanterns offered at home improvement stores, but opting for DIY lanterns is nearly as simple. Glass mason jars can be used to create a simple, yet aesthetic look. Simply remove the label, add a tea light, and you’ve got a beautiful outdoor feature that can be added to your patio table, stairway, or hung from backyard trees.

Upgrade your house number

Does your home address number look a little outdated? Do your friends complain that it’s hard to see? Upgrading this subtle element is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve the exterior appearance of your home.

Source: the11best.com
Source: the11best.com

There are lots of creative ways to redo or update your house number. One option involves making a mosaic number out of glass, mirror, or ceramic materials. You can keep it neutral or add colour matching your flower garden. Alternatively, for a more modern feel, consider adding sleek metal or white numbers against a wooden panel. Or, if you have a green thumb, another simple option involves attaching the number to a post planter. The options are endless!

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Restyle your pillows

You might have pillows on your living room couches, or maybe you have outdoor seating that could use a splash of colour or a comfortable addition. Fortunately, the internet is plastered with DIY pillow projects for both indoor and outdoor needs. To improve the look of your seating, consider adding bright pillow covers, tassels, or beaded decals to your existing pillows. Additionally, if your pillows are looking wrinkled or limp, breathe some new life into them by adding some additional filler.

Add mirror decorations

As an indoor option, consider adding mirror decorations to your space. Not only do mirrors add an elegant touch, but they also aid in making small spaces appear bigger. There are numerous ways to customize mirror decorations for indoor spaces. Adding a uniquely shaped mirror or several identical mirrors to your wall can add interest to any bland area. If you’re feeling extra creative, consider adding a decorative border to your mirror. Wood, rope, or metal rod borders can aid in creating a more modern-styled decoration.

Decorative vases

Summer is the season of florals. Many people enhance their indoor and outdoor spaces with flowers, but they forget that vases can be a statement feature as well. Consider painting your vases with metallic, neutral mattes, or coloured paint to enhance your decoration. Additionally, you can experiment with vase textures by lining them with glue, adding lace, or even wrapping soft material around the base.

Source: Le Architecture

The options are endless when it comes to easy interior and exterior home improvement projects. Next time you have a free weekend, forget travelling to the store and spending lots of money on expensive decorations. If you have an open mind and some creativity, you can easily revamp your home with some simple DIY decorations. You’re sure to get lots of compliments at your summer BBQ!

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