6 cool and unusual DIY light fixtures for fall

Some of the coolest lighting fixtures are ones that are unusual or have a story to tell. Here are 6 creative lighting fixtures you can make yourself.

Hemp string pendant lighting

If you love a natural, earthy decor style, make a pendant light out of thick hemp string. Buy a bouncy plastic ball and inflating/deflating needle. Draw a large circle on the ball of about two inches in diameter where a socket and bulb would be inserted. Run the string through a dollop of craft glue and wind it around the ball as much as you want to allow light through. Avoid covering the circle you drew since that will be the hole for the socket and bulb. When the glue has dried, deflate the ball with the needle and carefully squeeze it out through the hole. Insert the socket bulb and collar so that the bulb hangs in the centre of your pendant.

Photo: Muchocrafts.com

Upside-down metal cheese grater pendant

For a farmhouse style, use a large metal cheese grater or vegetable strainer as a light fixture. Graters usually come in stainless steel and strainers often have coloured options. A grater is particularly easy to make since you can turn it upside down and screw the handle into a piece of wood – perhaps mount several in a row. Thread your socket bulb and wires through the open handle so the bulb hangs inside. Secure the wires to the wood base with staples or glue.

For the metal vegetable strainer, cut out the base with a metal saw. Your socket and bulb will need a wide collar so it hangs inside the opening. Turn it upside down and you have a bowl that light shines through.

Photo: Hallmarkchannel.com

Jam jar lights

Large glass jam jars make interesting-looking pendant lights and are easy to create. Cut a large hole in the jar’s screw lid to insert a socket bulb inside. 

Photo: Garden Lovers Club

Chicken wire or metal mesh light

For an industrial, warehouse or farmhouse look, create a pendant out of chicken wire or any metal mesh. Choose the mesh that has the size of holes you want the light to shine through. Cut the mesh into a square that’s the size of a cylinder shape you want – from short and wide to long and slim. Secure the sides with metal twist ties. Use two metal hose clamps for the top and bottom bands of the cylinder to hold it in place and enclose the raw wire tips. The top band allows you to attach a socket bulb (with a collar) inside the cylinder.

Photo: The Lamp Goods

Rejuvenate an old lamp base

If you have old lamps that still work but just need an update, look for materials to cover the base. For example, wrap the base in rope for a nautical look. Or if they’re empty glass bases, fill them with sand, seashells, marbles or pennies (or glue them to the outside). 

Light up an open book

Add some life to plain wall sconces by mounting an attractive open book above or below them (depending on whether the light shines up or down). Secure the thick cover to the wall and the open pages will cast an interesting fan-like pattern on your wall. Just be sure the book is at least four inches from the hot bulb.

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