6 best home handyman projects for fall

While it’s still warm and sunny outside, here are 6 great handyman projects to do this fall to get your home ready for winter. If you don’t have the tools or time to do these tasks yourself, book a HeyBryan Handyman Expert who specializes in odd jobs.

Here’s what should be on your fall home maintenance list:

Clean the gutters

With leaves falling from the trees and winds picking up speed, your gutters are likely filling up fast with debris. It’s important to keep gutters clear so rain and snow doesn’t freeze and turn into an ice jam that brings the gutters down. While cleaning gutters, also check for tiny black beads. These beads can be your first clue that your shingles are deteriorating and need replacing.

Cover vents to block critters

Everyone’s looking for a warm place to hibernate in fall – including critters of all kinds. Your home is ideal and even tiny mice can do major damage. Plus, large animals such as raccoons can rip roof vents off with their incredible dexterity. Inspect your whole exterior for vents and entry points. Clean them out and either cap them or use secure wire mesh if they’re vents that need to breathe.

Inspect your roof

Take a close look at your roof and check whether your shingles are still in good shape. If they’re starting to bald and curl, water can get underneath and that can turn wood into a weak soggy mess. The strong winds of fall can easily blow weak shingles off, so have any that appear to be loose, nailed tight. Likewise, check roof vents to ensure they’re secure and that holes and gaps are completely covered so rain, snow and ice can’t get in.

Check weatherstripping

Don’t underestimate the power of weatherstripping. Gaps around doors and windows can increase your utility bills and create drafts that make rooms uncomfortable. Check or replace weatherstripping that has peeled, shifted, dried or crumbled.

Fix asphalt and concrete cracks

Seal asphalt and concrete cracks so that rain, snow and ice can’t enter and widen or lengthen the gap further. The same goes for removing weeds that miraculously find the ability to grow from below asphalt and up through a crack.

Check the attic

Inspect your attic for critters such as mice, squirrels, raccoons, birds and bats who find this area a great place to hibernate. Also ensure your insulation is in good shape and covering necessary gaps. You’ll save a lot on your utility bills by having great insulation and coverage. 

HeyBryan Experts who offer handyman and home maintenance services and odd jobs have been vetted and approved by the HeyBryan team so you can feel comfortable having an Expert in or around your home to complete your tasks.

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