5 ways to rainproof your home

Water is wonderful for your garden, but not so wonderful for your home’s structure. Water can do enormous damage to your property, whether it’s from one torrential rainstorm that causes flooding, or erosion from steady, persistent rain over the course of many months.

Hire a HeyBryan Expert who has experience with exterior home maintenance, such as roofing and weatherproofing, to rainproof your home so that everything inside stays strong and dry.

You’ll save money from having the work done right by a HeyBryan Expert who has all the necessary equipment, from ladders to tools, but also does a thorough and professional job to ensure there are no leaks and cracks anywhere.

1 – Check your roof and gutters

Your first line of defence against rain is your roof. Check it every year for loose, curling, broken, or missing shingles. Without shingles and the underlying waterproof membrane, your wooden roof is exposed to water and can soften, leak and even collapse. Taking the time to get these things checked now, can save you massive expense and inconvenience in the future.

Leaves, detritus and even birds nests can cause blockages which can damage your property. Your roof’s gutters also need to be inspected annually and cleared of debris so they divert water to the downspouts and away from your home. Downspouts and their connections should take water at least three feet away from your exterior to protect your foundation.

2 – Seal your windows and doors

Install storm windows if your area experiences a lot of rain.  If you are unable to do this, inspect all your windows and doors every year for leaks caused by shifting due to age, or deterioration due to wind, rain and snow. If your wood windows and doors are sound, or made of vinyl or aluminum, then freshen up all your weatherstripping to ensure they are tightly sealed.

3 – Keep surfaces primed and painted

Paint isn’t just to make your home look pretty. When used with a primer it’s essential in  protecting and sealing exterior surfaces to repel rain. Check your home for flaking and peeling paint that could be a sign of damage to the material underneath, make sure to get an Expert to repair, seal and repaint the surface before it’s too late.  

4 – Check your foundation inside and out

While your downspouts should direct water away from your home, sometimes excessive water still gets to your foundation and causes cracks and erosion. Walk around your home’s exterior every year to look for foundation cracks and check that downspouts haven’t blown away or shifted.

Inside your home, look for foundation cracks or water stains in your basement. If you do find any, hire a HeyBryan Handyman Expert who specializes in basement waterproofing.

If the crack is minor they can inject a waterproof sealant to stop the leaking. But if the cracks or gaps are major and you’ve had flooding, you may need extensive excavation work done around your foundation and have it wrapped with a protective membrane.

5 – Install or repair a sump pump

A sump pump can do a great job diverting water away from your home during heavy rainfall. Have one installed if you’re in an area that experiences a lot of rain, or your home is located where there’s potential flooding such as at the bottom of a slope.

As well as hiring a HeyBryan Expert to help rainproof your home, also check with your home insurance advisor because you might be covered for some aspects such as roof damage due to storms.

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