5 ways to market your handyman services business

To grow your handyman services business and get regular work, repeat customers and ongoing referrals, become a HeyBryan Expert and market your business constantly. These five marketing methods will help you cast a wider net for customers than ever before — even while you’re sleeping.

1. Launch a handyman services website

Launching a handyman services website is a snap these days. In less than an hour, while you’re lying on the couch, you can create a basic website and be online attracting customers. Check out GoDaddy, WordPress, Wix and Squarespace for domain name registration and pre-made templates with easy drag and drop designs.

As well as a professional, memorable website name, be sure to include:

  • Contact information offering a free estimate
  • Contact form so customers can describe what they need
  • Gallery of your work — before and after photos are particularly powerful as well as videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Credentials such as a licence, association memberships and insurance
  • Blog to inspire and educate homeowners with ideas and trends
  • Social media links
  • Add a HeyBryan website link to showcase that you’re a HeyBryan Expert

2. Leverage the power of social media

Facebook is the still the best social media channel to promote your handyman business because it has huge reach, however Instagram is becoming a fast favourite because it’s easier to post to all the other sites from it. It’s one-stop shopping so you don’t have to log in to each individual channel.

To get started on Instagram, create a profile that lists your handyman website and contact information. Use the gallery as a portfolio of your work (you can add up to 30 hashtags to drive traffic to your site) and duplicate each post to other channels instantly. Just select the ‘Share’ option and click on the Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr buttons for instant posting to those sites. You can also choose ‘Copy Link’ and put the same post on other channels such as Pinterest.

Instagram Stories are becoming increasingly popular and can give homeowners a ‘follow me’ experience as you show behind-the-scenes shots of your home renovation and repair projects. Stories are 15-second video segments and IGTV allows for videos up to 10 minutes long.

Speaking of videos, in a world that’s so visual and audio driven, launching a YouTube channel should be considered too. Video the home renovations and repairs in progress or have finished if you don’t want to be in front of the camera (with the homeowner’s approval of course), or tips and tricks and how-to videos, with links to your website. Just be sure you look and sound professional because the camera captures everything and keep the video short — ideally less than five minutes.

3. Join a home renovation association

Belonging to a home renovation association not only adds to your credibility but offers valuable networking opportunities. Even if you have little time to participate in the association’s activities, list it on your website to enhance your professional image. If the association produces appropriate content such as studies or articles, get permission to re-post them on your website with credit. They will keep your customers on your site longer and position you as an expert.

4. Partner with a complementary home improvement business

Partner with a complementary business and refer each other. If you specialize in electrical work, partner with a plumber. If you offer painting services, partner with a realtor or home stager. Exchange a dozen business cards with each other to hand out to customers.

5. Get home renovation and decor retailers to refer you

Many home improvement stores will allow you to display your business cards. For example, paint and tile stores are constantly asked for handyman professionals.The retailer also instantly enhances your credibility by carrying your card. It’s the next best thing to a personal customer referral.

Be sure to include HeyBryan.com in all your marketing efforts so that homeowners know you are an approved HeyBryan Expert who they can trust. The connection to HeyBryan is blue chip and will further boost your handyman services business.

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