5 tips to start a home-services business doing odd jobs

Are you ‘that guy’ who family and friends call when they need something fixed at home? If you’re good at building, renovating and repairing things, starting a home-services business to do odd jobs can be a great way to earn extra money.

A home-services business also offers you the freedom of being your own boss, working to your own schedule, and charging the fees you want. Also enjoy satisfaction in a job well done, and the appreciation that homeowners have for your work.

Here are five tips to start a home-services business to do odd jobs, home renovations and repairs.

Be eager to learn

Even if you’ve been handy for decades, stay current on  trends, tips, tricks and new tools. To further hone your handyman skills, sign up for a community college course, workshop and attend home improvement store seminars that feature the renovation and repair skills you’re interested in developing. Read books, magazines, websites and watch a lot of YouTube videos and HGTV shows.

Put knowledge into practice

Educating yourself with information is important, however putting the knowledge into practice is a whole other thing. Find a tradesperson to job shadow or assist and watch renovation and repair work in action. He’ll probably appreciate the free help and even if you’re a ‘gopher’ handing him tools and materials, the on-site training of an apprenticeship-like arrangement is worthwhile.

Join an association to network

Consider joining a trade, building, renovation or repair-oriented association or community group (including online groups) to share knowledge, information and network. Partnering with other members can help your handyman services business grow fast and you’ll learn more when sharing experiences.

Practice ’til perfect

When you’re ready to take on a project, offer your services to friends and family who will be understanding and patient with your new skills. They will likely appreciate the free or much less expensive work. Just don’t tackle a job that’s bigger or more complicated than your skills, or the relationship could, literally, go down the drain.

Business basics

When you’re ready to launch your handyman services to the public, create a profile with the app HeyBryan to be listed as a HeyBryan Expert. Get business cards, vehicle signs, lawn signs, brochures, flyers, advertise on websites, and launch your own website with social media links.

It’s also important that you contact an insurance company and get general liability, commercial vehicle, and other insurance depending on the services you offer to protect you and the homeowners in case of injury, theft or damages.

Be sure to include HeyBryan in all your marketing for enhanced credibility. Homeowners will be more willing to hire you for handyman services and odd jobs if they know you are an approved home-services HeyBryan Expert.

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