5 tips to get your lawn ready for winter

After a long sunny summer of getting your lawn to look lush and green, it’s time to make sure it’s also strong, healthy and ready for the changing seasons. Here are 5 ways to get your lawn into shape for the long haul of winter…

Aerate your lawn so it can breathe

Your lawn is likely compacted from hard rain, the drying sun and perhaps family and friends’ foot traffic, so give it a good raking to remove any thatch and open up the soil by hand. Then have lawn aeration done by a HeyBryan lawn maintenance Expert since this equipment is heavy and awkward to use. You’ll also avoid the hassle of having to rent an aerator and haul it in and out of your vehicle. Aeration creates holes that allow water, sunlight, fertilizer and grass seed to penetrate and build strong roots. It literally allows the soil to breathe.

Fertilize your lawn

Fertilize your lawn with the right product for your particular property — sun, shade, wet or dry conditions. A lawn maintenance expert will know what kind and how much is appropriate. The right fertilizer helps your grass grow deep, dense roots that can store the necessary nutrients to survive a long winter. An expert will also know what day and time is appropriate (due to the weather) to apply it so that it works. Otherwise you might waste time and money doing it yourself with the wrong product or ineffective application.

Seed your lawn

If your lawn has any bald or thinning patches, apply rich nutritious lawn soil and use the seed type that’s appropriate for the area (sun or shade) to grow fresh grass. Fall is an ideal time for seeding since temperatures are cooler in the evening and dew is heavier in the morning. If your lawn was aerated, seeding will also fill the holes and help develop deep strong roots for fresh grass. 

Keep watering and cutting your lawn

Don’t put the sprinkler and lawn mower away just yet. Your lawn may still need watering and cutting during the fall to keep it healthy. Your lawn needs about a half-inch of water each week unless the rainfall has been enough. While you won’t need to mow your lawn as frequently, make sure your mower still has a sharp blade that doesn’t tug and tear at the grass. For your last mow of the season, lower your blade height slightly so that the grass is short and won’t get matted and mouldy over final growing months.

Book a HeyBryan Expert who specializes in lawn care and maintenance. An Expert has the knowledge and experience to analyze your lawn and advise what it needs for fall so it bounces back strong next spring. 

HeyBryan Lawn Experts have been vetted and approved by the HeyBryan team so that you can feel confident that they care a great deal how your lawn looks — and that the ‘grass is greener’ on your side.

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