5 tips to a smart, safe hot tub install

Ahhh… that’s the sound of slipping into a bubbling hot tub after a hard day’s work or an active weekend of sports and leisure activities. Here are hot tub installation ideas to create a warm and inviting destination that also transforms your backyard into an entertainment space for family and friends.

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Once you’ve chosen the perfectly jetted hot tub, here’s how to install your hot tub so it’s in an ideal place.

Getting the hot tub into your yard

Your hot tub will likely be wheeled into your yard on a huge cart. So measure the width of your gate and fence area in case a section needs to be removed.

Accessible to electrical power and water

Your hot tub needs to be in a convenient place that’s near electrical hookups of 110V or 120V depending on the model, but it should also be at least five feet away for safety and access. Locate it nearby a water source such as your garden hose since you should refresh the water multiple times throughout the year. three or four times a year. Don’t install the hot tub near overhead power lines that can fall during a storm, or a septic tank system that may need maintenance or repair.

Preparing the hot tub pad

Level the ground where the hot tub will sit. Remove rocks, debris and position it away from tree roots. The ground must be smooth and level so the operating systems stay balanced to do their job properly. 

A budget-friendly option is to put a four- to six-inch layer of gravel on the spot. Compact the gravel as much as possible to get it level. Extend the gravel area beyond the hot tub’s perimeter so that water spilling over the sides can drain away.

You can use large paving stones as a base for your hot tub installation. Keep the paving stones level by using gravel and sand to fill the gaps.

One of the best hot tub installation pads is a poured concrete slab that will provide long-term stability. The pad should be at least four inches thick.

If you’re installing your hot tub on a deck, you’ll need to reinforce the beams and structure underneath. Or if you want to drop it into your deck so the top is nearly flush with your boards, you’ll need to install a gravel, paving stones or concrete pad below the deck for support.

Add privacy

Enjoy added privacy or protection from the weather by installing a canopy, gazebo or roof above your hot tub. There are many options from wood to metal structures, with or without curtains. You can buy a kit and have it installed by a HeyBryan Handyman, or have it custom-made to suit your backyard style.

Storage containers

Plan storage options nearby since hot tubs require many chemicals. You might also appreciate a place to stow plastic dishes, floating trays, towels, toys – and the requisite yellow rubber ducky.

For your hot tub installation, hire a HeyBryan Handyman and a HeyBryan Electrician. Experts have been approved by the HeyBryan team, have insurance and passed background checks, so you can feel confident having them at your home to complete your hot tub installation safely.

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