5 tips for designing your dream closet on a budget

Your closet is a reflection of your own unique style and determines how you choose to express yourself on a daily basis. However, sometimes the place where we house our wardrobe fails to meet our needs, especially if it’s suffering from disorganization or a poor layout.

If you’ve been wanting to change up your closet but don’t exactly know how to tackle it, here are five easy and affordable ways to achieve a space worthy of your favourite threads.

Use vertical space

Closets tend to have a lot of wasted space higher up so placing shelves, hooks and rods will give you the opportunity to use every last inch. This can be especially apparent in smaller dwellings. For example, those living in condos for sale in downtown Toronto or Vancouver often have limited closet space so going vertical is the best option to optimize your closet area. Adding shelves is an easy way to increase storage and will allow you to have more control in the overall layout of your closet. Don’t be afraid to install additional racks or tension rods on lower parts of the wall as these will be perfect for hanging pants, shorts, or skirts.

Everything in its place

It may not seem like it yet, but spring is just around the corner, and what better way to kick off the season than doing a little spring cleaning? Use this as an opportunity to get rid of any unused or unwanted clothing pieces to ensure that your dream closet doesn’t include any clothes you don’t love.

When you’re left with the items that you want to keep, it’s time to get organized! There is nothing more visually appealing than seeing everything put in its place. This step is simple, but it can drastically change the overall look and feel of your closet. Purchasing closet organizers at your local home goods store is an easy and budget-friendly way to help arrange your clothes neatly. You may even want to take it an extra step further by colour-coding your clothes and using matching hangers to give your closet a fresh and clean look.

Using baskets or plastic bins to hold accessories like scarves, gloves, and undergarments are a good way to keep them stored and maintain the cleanliness of your space. Organizational possibilities are endless which makes it easy to personalize your closet to be exactly how you want it.

Let there be light

Lighting can easily affect your mood and while most closets don’t have any windows, adding proper lighting in your closet can make the space more inviting and functional. If you have enough room, choosing a nicer lighting fixture is a fun option to transform the mood. In smaller spaces, you could also choose to string lights across the top of the wall to further add to the appeal of your new closet. Vetted, trusted Electricians ready and waiting if you need help installing new lighting.

Comfy seating

Depending on the size of the closet that you are working with, introducing an ottoman inside can provide the feel of being in a boutique. Ottomans or lounge chairs can be found at your local flea market or thrift store for relatively cheap and provides the perfect place to sit as you put on shoes or decide what to wear.

Mirror, mirror

Mirrors are a must-have in any closet space! How else are you going to see your outfit put together? Full length mirrors in your closet can also make the space seem bigger than it is. If you’re working with a smaller space, you can opt to drill the frame of a mirror on either the interior or exterior of your wardrobe, or along the wall nearby.

Improving your closet doesn’t have to be an expensive or difficult task as there are countless organizational options when it comes to designing it the way you want. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your current closet, or if you’re searching for new Toronto or Vancouver houses for sale and wish to design your ideal closet in your new abode, these simple fixes can turn your dream closet into a reality!

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