Top 5 bedroom paint colours for 2020

At the end of your day, your bedroom should be a soothing sanctuary – a place to relax, unwind and slip into a blissful sleep. The decor is paramount to achieving that comfort and it starts with choosing a colour that pleases you. Here are the five top bedroom paint colours for 2020 and how they can influence your mood.

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Greens of envy

Most of the major paint companies chose green as the colour of the year for 2020. The healthy hue exudes a back-to-nature vibe that’s natural and soothing or rich and elegant based on depth and shade. For bedrooms, Zen-like toned-down versions such as soft moss, sage, mint and pale lime are ideal. Green not only works well to promote a positive mood when you go to bed but waking up to it is a refreshing start to a new day.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Shades of grey

“Fifty Shades of Grey” movie aside, all shades of grey have been favourites for bedrooms for decades. This bedroom paint colour provides an atmosphere that’s easy to embrace. Shades can range from a soft dove grey or barn board hue, to a deep dark pewter or peppercorn tone for a luxurious look. Stay away from the rainy-day shades though if that colour brings you down mentally or emotionally. To keep things on the sunny side, opt for greys that are more like “greige”, grey with beige undertones or other neutral bases.

Source: The Sleep Judge

Blissful blues

For lovers of sea and sky colours, blues will put you in a good mood at dawn and dusk. Choose the muted pale blues for a subtle look. If stronger, nautical shades of navy and royal blue are more your style, they’ll make a bold yet serene statement to your bedroom decor. If blue isn’t quite your taste, consider moving into the more lavender-like shades if purples pique your interest.

Source: HGTV

Bedtime beige

Beige is always a safe choice when it comes to bedroom paint colours – it’s a tried-and-true backdrop. The neutral tone permits almost any kind of artwork or accessories to take prominence. From light beige shades of beach sand, to deep coffee and clay colours, beige is a warm, cozy choice. It also balances both masculine and feminine energies well, making it a best-of-both worlds option.


Cozy creams

It’s easy to resort to whites for a bedroom paint colour to create a fresh clean look. However, in a bedroom whites can come across as stark and cold. So instead consider creamy colours, shades of oatmeal, and other off-white options to add depth to the tone. Off-white choices are wide-ranging from shades that have tinges of rose and peach, to hints of blues and greens.

Source: The Sleep Judge

When you visit the paint store, bring home plenty of colour swatches and tape them to the walls of your bedroom. Lighting and natural sunlight will make the colours look quite different from what you saw in the store. So, study the colours in your setting and if you’re still not sure, buy small inexpensive testers and apply a swathe of paint to the wall for a real-life trial. Lastly, choose between matte, eggshell or a gloss finish to determine how much sheen you like.

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