5 outdoor projects to improve your home’s curb appeal

Now that we’re well into the summer months, it’s the perfect time to take your home’s curb appeal to the next level. Curb appeal is the degree of attractiveness of a property when viewed from the street. Curb appeal is especially important if you are putting your home on the market for sale, and certainly impacts sold prices in Toronto and in other cities across Canada. However, even if you’re not selling your home, improving your curb appeal is great way to boost the overall value and appearance of your home.

Many associate curb appeal projects with breaking the bank, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Often, it’s the small upgrades that have the biggest impact on the appearance of your home. Below are 5 simple and affordable ways to improve your curb appeal.

Enhance your entranceway

There are several ways you can improve the look of your entranceway. To start, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to your door. If you’re looking to make your door a focal point, consider applying a more vibrant colour. This simple and affordable task will enhance your home in no time.

If your door is already in good shape, consider adding a decoration to it. Wreaths are a great element to add, not just during the winter months. You can find an expansive selection of decorative wreaths at any home improvement store. If you’re feeling extra creative and have a green thumb, you can even create your own. Complete the look by placing a welcome mat beneath your door and adding comfy seating if you have some porch space.

Replace your house numbers

Do visitors drive past your home because the house number is difficult to see? Or is the number looking a little worn out and dated? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then updating your house number should definitely be a top priority.

There are lots of opportunities for creativity with this upgrade. You can display the number beside your front door, fix it on an outdoor post, or add it to your mailbox. Additionally, there are many materials that you can use for your home number. You can use sleek metal numbers, ceramic white numbers, or choose earthy wooden numbers. Your guests will thank you once you check this off your list.

Let there be light

Nobody finds dark entranceways welcoming. Ensure that you remove all cobwebs and debris that may have gathered around your outdoor fixtures. This will instantly make your space look more inviting.

If your area still looks dim, don’t worry. You can brighten up the space with various light fixtures. You’ll find an extensive array of options at home improvement stores that will certainly enhance your space. Some popular options include solar porch string lights and lanterns. These features will also add depth and warmth to the area making the space appear larger.

Use your green thumb

Summer is a short window of time where greenery flourishes, so take advantage of this! Spend a weekend creating a garden with flowers, vegetables, and herbs. If you’re short on time, that’s fine too. Planters and window boxes have similar effects. You can also use plants to highlight key visual points, like stairs or railings. If you’re tight on room, use hooks to attach them to ceilings or walls. Even one plant can work wonders as the vibrant colours grab visitors’ attention.

While we’re discussing greenery, it’s important to mention that regular lawn maintenance is an essential component of curb appeal. Giving your lawn some TLC by raking leaves, pulling weeds, and cutting your grass is critical. As long as you develop a routine for maintaining your lawn, this shouldn’t snowball into a huge project.

Clean and declutter

This certainly isn’t a fun step, but it’s definitely a necessary aspect of curb appeal. Sometimes properties can collect piles of wood, yard waste, or maybe you have kids that left equipment behind from a recent baseball game. Whatever the situation, you can easily improve your curb appeal by removing this excess cutter. This step is necessary for making any space more pristine.

Improving your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task or expensive job. Taking just an hour out of your week can substantially boost the appearance of your home. If you’re looking for more curb appeal inspiration, check out houses for sale in Toronto to see how homeowners use curb appeal to enhance their homes.

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