5 new trends in window coverings

Window coverings – modern curtains and blinds – not only frame a window to enhance a desired decor style, they serve a practical need to control light and heat. Here are five new window covering ideas to dress up your rooms and keep the space comfortable.


While painted walls continue to take a backdrop role in neutral shades from white to grey, and cream to beige, window treatments in bold colours are getting prominence to add a pop of colour to a room.

Deep, dark saturated colours in every shade – from emerald greens and royal blues, to rich purples and dramatic black, are popular for window coverings to dress up the wall and window. The bold choice is continued with other decor accessories such as pillows, throws, rugs and artwork that complement the look.

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Window coverings also help to set an entire decor theme with bold patterns – botanicals and geometrics are trending – to add interest and style. How much the pattern can be seen depends on your curtain or blind choice, or whether the window covering is most often open or closed. Keep that in mind when choosing a pattern. How much of the pattern can you see?

Or select curtains and blinds that feature colour blocking, which is when the top of the window covering is in one colour and the bottom is in another colour. Likewise, ombre (the gradual blending of one colour into another colour) offers a similar but softer transition of colours.


For those who love a woodsy, natural look, rattan and bamboo are making a comeback for their organic and eco-friendly style. Also look for reeds, grasses and hemp options. The materials don’t have to be real. There are great faux versions available that closely mimic the look. However, if fabric is your preferred choice for window coverings, consider raw linen, silk with a sheen or a plush velvet for luxurious texture.


Window treatment hardware has a style role to play beyond just hanging your curtains or blinds. If choosing metal hardware, the options are many from silver and brass to wrought iron. Or if wood is more your vibe, it’s also available in a variety of shades from blonde to ebony. No matter what kind of hardware you choose, the rod, finials and grommets will likely be seen and add to the style, so make the most of it. Consider it as jewelry for your window coverings.


With smartphones increasingly controlling a home’s heat and light, curtains and blinds are being added to the automation. Whether you use an app, remote control, or an electronic switch on the wall, window coverings can also be opened or closed without touching them, or even being home. 

Likewise, some windowing treatments such as blinds and shades are now available without cords for those who need a child-safe environment. The covering can be gently pushed up or pulled down by lifting and tilting a bottom rail.

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