5 modern laundry room tips and trends

Of all the rooms in the house, laundry rooms continue to be gaining more importance and attention than ever before. They have graduated from dark, dank hideaways, to attractive, welcoming and comfortable places which fit into the overall aesthetic of your home.

This seems logical because, when you think about it, you probably spend a couple hours every week washing, drying, sorting, hanging, ironing and folding clothes in them.

Here are HeyBryan’s top 5 trends and tips for getting the most out of this essential space in your home.

1 – Decor inspired by bold appliances

The adoption of bright, bold colours in appliance manufacturing – think cherry red, bright blue, lime green – and not just the traditional white and black, has inspired people to decorate their laundry rooms in a way that encompasses the whole space, with attractive lighting, artwork, baskets and bins. Matching your washer, iron and drapes in a cohesive style is definitely not the crazy idea it once was.

2 – More cabinetry

Having the right cabinetry for your laundry room is essential from a functionality and design perspective. Not having the right cabinetry storage in this space can make the space feel disorganized and cluttered, conversely, having everything in its proper place can make the room feel large and airy. Your storage space is likely to be a key feature as to the look and feel of the entire room, so think matching colours and appropriate designs.

3 – Tabletop or counter space

Things have come a long way from just doing your sorting and folding on the nearest available flat space – often the top of the washer or dryer. As with your storage space, your table and countertops can come in a variety of different designs and materials from which to choose from, and are also likely to play a key part in the overall appearance of your laundry room. Wooden counter or tabletops can really help in giving the space a home-y feel, while granite and metal can also be used to provide style as well as functionality.

4 – Sinks and faucets

Laundry rooms have traditionally featured the largest sink in the house due to its functionality for pre-treating or soaking large items, washing boots, sports equipment etc. Instead of the usual plastic version, choose stainless steel or ceramic to better fit with the design of the room as a whole. As an added benefit, selecting your sink’s finish in more durable materials can also make them easier to clean. Sink fittings in stainless steel or chrome can help give the room a clean, stylish feeling, whilst also being durable and functional. make sure to research different styles of fittings to best suit your desired look.

5 – Seating

As previously stated, you probably spend a surprising amount of time in your laundry room on a weekly basis and it therefore makes sense, from both a design and comfort perspective, to incorporate somewhere to sit down.

High-legged ‘bar-stool’ type chairs can come in a variety of different colours and designs to suit your decor, and can offer you a comfortable, functional alternative to standing next to that pile of ‘yet to be folded’ laundry for an age.

Even having a standard chair or bench, in the right material, can help accent your room in a major way, while giving you an option to take the weight off while your waiting on that rush job.

You can ask your HeyBryan Handyman Expert for other storage suggestions when discussing your laundry room. Many benches can include additional storage underneath, along with other creative storage hacks such as features that fold, close or roll out of the way when not in use.

Lastly, there’s one other item that will make the room enjoyable — install a TV. That way you won’t miss your favourite show while you are folding towels!

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