5 home appliance maintenance tips that will save you money

Your home appliances should be considered the fab five – superheroes making your life easier by washing dishes, cleaning clothes, keeping food fresh and cooking it for you. Give these marvels – the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven/stovetop, washer and dryer – some easy appliance maintenance a few times a year so they stay healthy and strong.

While there are many things you can do to maintain your appliances, you can always turn to someone who specializes in appliance repair or handyman services through the Fast Task app if an appliance stops working, or isn’t working as well as it should.

Appliance Repair and Handyman Service Experts are approved by the Fast Task team and have passed background checks. You can feel confident having a Fast Task Expert come into your home since they have the skills, experience and tools to do appliance service or appliance repairs.

Refrigerator – clean your coils

Cleaning the coils can do wonders for keeping your refrigerator running. Remove the bottom front grill and vacuum the dust out. Or buy a slender tubular brush that’s much like a bottle washer that can reach far into the narrow space. Also, clean the fan on the back of your refrigerator. Inside, check that vents aren’t dirty or blocked and clean the seal/gasket around the refrigerator so it stays tight and insulates well.

Dishwasher – empty the filter

Dishwashers often stop cleaning dishes well when the filter is full of food. Remove the washing spin arm and filter cover. Use a vacuum or cloth to clear out the food that’s clogging the screen. Also check that the float switch moves and isn’t stuck by food debris as well. Clean if necessary. 

Oven/stovetop – recalibrate the temperature

If your oven isn’t heating like it should, the temperature may need recalibrating. Follow the instructions in your manual which involves heating your oven, measuring it with an oven thermometer, and recalibrating the oven to this temperature so they match. Instructions for your particular oven model might also be available on the Internet if you don’t have the manual. This is also handy if your oven is flashing a default code so you can look it up and do what’s needed.

An electric stovetop burner that’s isn’t working is likely due a loose electrical contact. Pull out the heating coil and either straighten or bend the prongs to ensure a tight fit. Also clean the area of any spills or food debris.

Washer – check for clogs

A washer that isn’t draining is likely due to a clogged hose or pump. Unplug the machine and bail the water out of the tub by hand. Remove the panel of your washer to get to the hose and pump. Check for clogs in either and clear them – it can be a small clothing item like a sock or headband that’s the culprit. 

Dryer – keep an eye on the outdoor vent

If your clothes aren’t drying well, a clogged filter might be the culprit. Clean the lint from the screen and give it a good wash with a brush as an invisible film from dryer sheets can build up. Also inspect your outdoor vent to ensure it isn’t clogged with lint – or critters. Dryers are a major cause of household fires so it’s very important to keep your dryer in great shape.

Many problems with appliances can be fixed by flicking the breaker switch on your electrical panel. Try that first and if the appliance still isn’t working, contact a Fast Task Appliance Repair or Handyman Services Expert to bring it back to life.

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