5 fabulous fireplace remodel ideas for any budget

Whenever you walk into a room with a fireplace in it, you can’t help but look because it draws your attention like a moth to a flame. If you want a new fireplace style, choose one of these 5 fireplace remodel ideas for any budget.

Your best options for a fireplace remodel are using paint, drywall, tile, stone or the hottest trend – a thin layer of mortar for an effect called smearing. Here’s how to do each makeover.

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The easiest and most affordable ways to refresh a fireplace is to paint it. White is the safest colour option for painting your fireplace because it goes with practically any décor style and has timeless appeal. However, if you want to make a bold statement, choose a bold colour such as grey, navy blue or even black for an ultra-modern look. 

Choose a paint that’s specifically designed for masonry, stucco and brick. Clean the bricks to remove any stains, dirt and dust. Vinegar and water work well as a natural cleaner but let the brick dry for at least two days before applying paint, so it adheres. 

Since bricks are so porous, they’ll require a lot of paint to completely cover them. Or you can try a lighter stained look. Dilute your paint with water at a 1:4 ratio. Brush it on and wipe it off with a dry rag. The effect will be more subtle and softer than a pure solid colour – as long as you’re relatively happy with the original brick colour.


Drywalling over your fireplace will give you a fresh start and allow for many fireplace remodel ideas. You can use a masonry adhesive to glue the drywall to the bricks, or glue two-inch straps of wood every 16 inches and screw your drywall sheets to the straps. Once covered, you can paint, tile or apply wood panels on top of the drywall. A Fast Task Handyman can definitely help with this.


If you choose to tile over brick, cover your fireplace with latex-modified cement. Lay it on to the consistency of peanut butter, filling in gaps, grooves and holes. It needs to be as smooth as drywall for tiles to be level. After two days of curing, lay another layer of tile cement with a rigid trowel and apply your tiles. Grout in any colour when ready.

Stone or stone veneer

Stone and veneers can be heavy, so apply sturdy cement board to your fireplace with masonry screws. This fresh surface is a clean slate to apply stone or stone veneer with mortar. Choose from real stone such as marble, a stone veneer, or faux stone made from cement.

Mortar smearing

A hot new design trend for covering brick is called mortar smearing, or German Smear. This effect gives an old-world European look. Wet mortar is applied to the brick and before it dries, wiped off. The mortar adds a rough texture of antiquity. While most people choose white mortar, you can tint the mortar to any colour you like.

Once you’ve done a fireplace remodel of the facing, your options for adding decorative mantels and hearths are endless. 

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