5 easy ways to update your bathroom on a budget

Wouldn’t it be nice to get ready and start your day in a fresh, updated bathroom? You don’t have to spend a fortune for a new bathroom space. Here are 5 easy and inexpensive ways to give your bathroom a boost on a budget.


Fresh paint is just about the fastest, cheapest and most powerful décor change you can do to any room. Light colours will make your bathroom look larger, while strong shades add character and personality.

Since bathrooms have fixtures, mirrors, lighting, towel racks, shelves and tiled areas, painting a bathroom can be finicky work. Book a HeyBryan Painting Expert who has the patience to paint carefully around all these features. You would likely need to do a lot of taping if you were doing it yourself to avoid messy lines. Painting a bathroom requires an attention to detail. Also be sure to pick the right paint that combats moisture.


For less than $100 you can probably give your bathroom a fresh look with a new shower curtain, mat, towels, towel racks and shelves. A handyman can ensure items such as racks and shelves are installed strong enough to hold heavy wet towels, a bathrobe and clothes.


Bright new lighting will add bling to the space and also make it feel larger and cleaner. Whether you hang a chandelier over your bathtub, or install modern strip lighting over the bathroom mirror, an electrician will make sure it’s done safely.


Replace your old tile with new ones since tile can cost as little as $1 or $2 each. There are also affordable tiles that are made to like marble or hardwood to provide a luxury look without the high price. Labour costs, from demolition to re-tiling, is where the budget will be spent for this option.

You can also save money by only re-tiling a certain area of your bathroom such as just the floor, or just the shower area. Since there are so many tile styles, sizes and colours to choose from these days, there’s a good chance you’ll find a tile that complements the area that you’re leaving as is.

Vanity, countertop, sink, and faucet

Replacing the vanity, countertop, sink and faucet might be all you need to give your bathroom a facelift since this is often the focal point of the space. Whether you install a modern white vanity or decide to convert an antique dresser into one, it will transform the space. Check out stores as well as go online to look for deals – from antiques to renovation demolition sales.

If you can keep the plumbing lines in place, a new vanity will be relatively easy for a plumber or handyman to re-connect.

Since nice bathrooms contribute so much to a home’s value, you’ll generally recoup 100% of the money you spend on it. Full bathroom renovations average about $10,000, yet even $100 spent on accessories or a $1,000 for fresh floor tile might be all you need to make it an inviting space.

Doing any kind of work in a bathroom can be a bit tricky since the space is generally small and cramped with a variety of fixtures from towel racks to the toilet. With both water and electrical systems present, you also don’t want anything to go wrong. Hiring a HeyBryan Expert is ideal thanks to their knowledge, tool, and skills, tools and skills. Each Expert has been vetted, background checked, and approved by the HeyBryan team so you can feel comfortable having an Expert in or around your home to complete your tasks safely and efficiently.

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