5 easy fixes for your clogged drain

You know the signs… your sink, shower or bathtub doesn’t drain quite as fast as it did last week. And today, there’s this tiny pool of water just sitting there, acting all innocent. Finally, you realize it’s a clogged drain that isn’t going to fix itself after all. Here are 5 easy DIY tips to fix a clogged drain.


If you prefer to try a natural cleanser to clear the clogged drain, pour a third of a cup of baking soda with an equal amount of white vinegar. Let it sit for an hour while it fizzes and then flush the drain with boiling water. Or try the same method with baking soda and salt. For more serious clogs, use a chemical cleanser, wear gloves, goggles and follow the instructions carefully.


There are a variety of mini plungers designed just for drains and this may do the trick of dislodging the debris.


For more serious drain clogs, a plumber’s snake is easy to use and a 20-foot homeowner type is inexpensive. Insert the metal coil into the drain and keep winding the handle that lengthens it. When you hit a curve in the pipe, you may have to jiggle it hard for it to make the turn. The teeth at the end of the coil will grab hair or soap residue so you can reverse the winding and pull the debris out.

For easier clogs, you can also buy 12-inch long plastic strips with teeth on the sides that you insert into the drain. A wire coat hanger might also work if you bend the end like a hook and go fishing for the problem.

P-trap removal

Most sinks get clogged at the P-trap underneath which is easy to unscrew and clean out.

Wet/dry vacuum

If you have a wet/dry vacuum, choose the wet setting and see if that pulls out the clogged debris.

Prevention is key to avoiding a clogged drain, so for kitchen sinks, avoid pouring food, grease and oil down the drain. If you have no choice, dilute it with hot water so it doesn’t gunk up and solidify in the pipe. For showers and bathtubs use a drain strainer to catch hair and soap pieces.

If you need help fixing your clogged drain, book a plumber or handyman from HeyBryan who has the time, tools and experience. Experts have been vetted by the HeyBryan team as well as had background checks done so you can feel confident having an expert in your home to help. All HeyBryan experts are following physical distancing and health safety recommendations by local governments.

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