4 DIY tips for a clean, well maintained gas barbecue

It’s a thrill to BBQ your food for a change of flavour, but if you want to ensure your barbecue works great for years, take good care of it with these easy barbecue cleaning, maintenance and repair tips.

If you’ve just bought a new barbecue and want it delivered or assembled properly, consider booking a local handyman using the HeyBryan app. They have the tools and the skills and can likely assemble it faster and better than you can.

With respect to cleaning, maintenance (and repairing if necessary) of your gas barbecue, here are a few tips. Remember, it should be cleaned after every use, and do a deep clean every two or three months if you barbecue a couple of times a week.

Clean the grates often

Your barbecue grates should be cleaned before and after every use since excessive grease buildup could start a fire. It’s easier to do this when the grate is warm and before the food and grease harden.

While wire cleaning brushes have been a popular choice in the past, some of these tools pose a health risk due to the possibility that a small piece of wire can be stuck to the grill and then attached to your food. There have been cases of people getting wire stuck in their mouth and throat, so new standards are being developed for these brushes. Instead, consider using a pumice stone, crunched up aluminum foil, or an abrasive nylon or scouring pad for cleaning the grate.

Clean your grate with grease-cutting dish soap or a cleaner that’s specifically designed for your grate depending on whether it’s cast iron or stainless steel. To make cleaning your barbecue easier in future, coat the grate with vegetable oil using a paper towel, or apply a non-stick cooking spray specifically for barbecues.

Take care of drip pans, burner protectors and hood interior

Barbecue drip pans, burner protectors and inside the barbecue hood get grease, ash and food buildup, so clean these areas with your cleaning tool and a cloth or sponge with dish soap frequently. Dry them well to avoid rust. Use a barbecue skewer to clean the tiny gas outlet holes, while being careful not to actually push debris inside.

Wash the exterior of your BBQ

Wash the exterior of your barbecue with dish soap to remove grease and dirt and dry it thoroughly around handles, knobs and hinges to ward off rust. Protect your grill with a waterproof cover after each use so rain, snow and salty air won’t cause it to rust.

Barbecue repairs

If your barbecue isn’t working properly, try an appliance repair expert through HeyBryan or as stated earlier, a handyman. There’s help available should your hood handle come off, a hinge breaks or if there’s a specific part that needs replacing. Replacement parts are relatively easy to buy online or at stores that sell barbecues if you have the exact specifications. Some generic parts might also work such as replacing a grate with an adjustable kind that’s less expensive than the brand manufacturer’s part. You might save half the cost if it fits.

Check your gas hose

Check that the flexible gas hose is in good condition by coating it with soap and water. If you notice bubbles when the gas is on, it’s likely a sign of a crack or hole and should be replaced. Or you may have a valve problem that just needs tightening.

Remember, for general home maintenance and repairs, consider booking a HeyBryan Expert to help with all these tasks so that you can enjoy your summer. Experts are available who specialize in cleaning, handyman services, junk removal, lawn and yard maintenance, painting or special trades such as electrical or plumbing.

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