3 tips to liven up your home with house plants

For people with a green thumb, there is no reason why looking at properties with smaller shared amenity spaces, such as condos for sale in downtown Toronto should mean that you can’t grow plants, regardless of the season. If you are looking to bring some more life into your home during the colder months, why not bring the feel of your garden indoors with some house plants?

Here are some tips you can use to liven up your home décor in a green way.

Choosing your plants

Choosing your plants is one of the most important steps to livening up your living space with some greenery. At this point in the process, it is important to consider what level of expertise you have in terms of plant care as well as the kind of plants that your living space can accommodate.

Determining things such as the number of plants as well as the type of plants that you would like to introduce hinges on the two aforementioned factors. For example, if your apartment does not receive a lot of light, then a Weeping Fig, which needs bright sunlight, may not be for you. As well, if you live in a more compact space, you may opt for something smaller like certain types of cacti instead of a large plant like the Kentia Palm. Don’t forget to also take into account your lifestyle; if you are constantly travelling or out of town, you may want to choose a lower maintenance plant like the Spider Plant rather than an orchid.

Adding a touch of green to your space

When using plants as a decorative element, begin by looking at the pot as an extension of the plant’s design value. The pot can both add and detract from the overall appearance of the plant dependent on whether or not it fits in well with the look of both the room and the plant itself.

Also, don’t be afraid to get creative in how you use your plants. Some can be used as points of emphasis, to bookend something like a TV or really showcase the height of your ceiling. Another good way to incorporate a plant is into room gaps that you aren’t sure how to otherwise fill; choosing to use a plant may add a level of flexibility to your décor that you would otherwise be unable to achieve.

It may also be beneficial to think of introducing more than one plant to a space to achieve the aesthetic impact you would like. Before you put multiple plants together, consider how they may interact with each other within the space; some pairings work better than others. However, indoor plants don’t just have to serve a purely aesthetic purpose – by trying to grow some herbs indoors you can introduce a few more versatile plants to your indoor space.

Plant Maintenance

The kind of care your plants need is specific to the type you have. While succulents may need very little care, lots of light and not too much water, other plants like the snake plant may need a little bit more attention. An important thing to consider for people trying to care for indoor plants is where any excess water may go; in most cases it is a good idea to find a pot to accommodate the water that the plant does not absorb.

Another care tip which is can be applicable for most indoor plants is when a plant should be repotted. One of the key points at which a plant can be repotted in when it begins to deteriorate for any number of reasons. To determine whether or not it should be repotted or replaced entirely, assess whether or not watering, cleaning or potentially relocating the plant to a larger space will resolve the issue.

Plants can be a wonderful addition to a room that may otherwise be too contemporary and stiff. The opportunity to introduce plants to your indoor space offers you more room to cultivate them if you live in a home without a lot of outdoor amenity space, like some Toronto townhouses, or during the change in seasons when it is too cold to maintain an outdoor garden. Why miss out on a chance to put your green thumb to use when you don’t have to?

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