3 better ways to clean up after hosting a party

Are you feeling the repercussions of hosting holiday parties?

Spending time with friends and family – good!

Having to clean up the next day – not so much. 

Luckily, there are options! Here are three ways to make party clean up a little less miserable. 

1. Start it right

It’s a lot easier to clean after a party if you prepare correctly. 

For example – empty the dishwasher! 

The New York Times said, “Remove clutter from surfaces like coffee tables, empty the dishwasher so it’s ready to be filled right away, and take out the trash. If possible, set trash bins out in plain sight so guests can easily find and use them.”

2. An easier way to clean burned pots and pans

We’ve all been there – scrubbing and scrubbing pots and pans but those burned spots won’t budge!

Put the scrubber down and try this instead. Molly Maid said, “The best-kept secret is using Pepsi or Coke to remove burnt stains from pots. Pour in the pop, let it sit overnight and the stains practically wipe off.”

3. Bring in the professionals

In our opinion the best way to clean up after a party is to have someone else do it!

Did you know that HeyBryan has professionals that can clean up after your party? Sit back, relax, and have our trusted professionals do all the hard work. You deserve a break after hosting the party!

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