2019’s top outdoor lighting trends

As the weather gets brighter and the days get longer, our attention inevitably turns to the garden and upgrading our outdoor spaces.

Adding beautiful outdoor lighting can enhance the look of your home in the front yard, increase your outdoor living enjoyment in the backyard and make your home safer all around.

These top 10 trends in outdoor lighting are all bright ideas to keep in mind:

1. Wall grazing

Casting decorative shapes and shadows on walls is one of the newest trends in outdoor lighting because it turns walls into a canvas of art. If your home’s exterior is brick or stucco, wall grazing is especially effective for showcasing its texture. Lanterns and fixtures that are intricately carved with details cast their beautiful shadow pattern onto any surface when placed in the right position.

2. Rope lighting

Rope lighting is both a pretty and practical way to line a walkway, garden bed, stair tread or edge of a deck or patio. Also use rope lighting to wrap around a porch, deck bannister or even a tree trunk for a festive atmosphere.

3. Portable floor lamps

Portable floor lamps are great for a deck, patio or porch as they can be moved to wherever the light is needed. Bring them close if you are reading or set further away for soft ambient lighting. Some portable floor lamps come with features such as dimmers or battery-powered options which eliminate the need to be near an outlet or have a long extension cord.

4. Brass and copper fittings

After years of black and silver fixtures, brass and copper are back in fashion for their warmth and rich appearance. Be sure to choose high-quality products so the finish doesn’t flake or peel.

5. Fairy lights

A string of tiny lights wrapped around a tree, pillar or bannister add a touch of whimsy and party atmosphere to any location.

6. Lighting for stairs

Outdoor lighting for stairs is increasingly popular for safety. Options include fixtures that are embedded right into the step or placed on both sides of the staircase to cast light into the centre of the tread.

7. In-ground lighting

Lighting that is embedded into the ground, such as a lighted tile or paver that you can walk on is a new take on lining a walkway. It’s a cleaner, modern look and you don’t need to worry about other options like lanterns getting knocked down.

8. Colour lighting

Having lighting that changes colour is a new trend that’s being used year round. Choose your favourite colours to mark a special occasion, seasonal celebration or  to simply complement the exterior look of your home.

9. Safety lighting

Lighting with motion detectors, auto-timers and even cameras built into the light all add to the safety of your home, so place them in strategic locations  such as near doors and windows.

10. Smart home technology

Smart home technology continues to evolve so you can control your home’s lighting from your mobile phone. You’ll also save money by choosing the most energy-efficient times to have you lights turn on and off  based on your personal schedule.

Hire a HeyBryan Expert who has landscaping or electrical experience to install your outdoor lighting since it will be exposed to all weather conditions, they will also be able to give you help and advice deciding on the right lighting for your space. HeyBryan Experts are approved by the Bryan Baeumler team so they are skilled, experienced and have all the tools required — saving you time and money.

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