15 new paint colours for fall that create an atmosphere of wellness

Looking to spice things up a bit at home? With people spending more time at home these days, a fresh coat of paint could just be what the doctor ordered. Update your home with the newest paint colours for fall 2021 that are intended to promote an atmosphere of health and wellness. Check them out here and get painting because they’ll certainly give your home a fresh new look!

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Here are the newest paint colours to consider for any room in your home. The palette features balanced neutrals, earthy hues and interesting colours that exude positive energy. The intent is to make you feel better connected to the outside world and restore a feeling of overall well-being.

Worldhood paint palette

The Worldhood colour palette includes deep bright colours that warm your rooms. Shades are called Rumba Orange (golden orange), Cider Spice (warm beige), Red Pepper (dark red), Charismatic (muted yellow) and Bubble Shell (soft pink). The colours are inspired by exotic travels and rugged landscapes.

Photo: Behr.com

Restore paint palette

Restore colours are blues and greens that provide an atmosphere of serenity and sense of balance. They celebrate the outdoors and create a soothing environment. Colours are called Secret Meadow (medium green), Back to Nature (dark celery), Light Drizzle (pale grey blue), Bluebird (soft sky blue) and Dragonfly (muted teal).

Photo: Behr.com

Atmospheric paint palette

Subtle pastels and neutrals define the Atmospheric paint colours and suit both modern and traditional decors. Colours are called Dusty Lilac, Creamy Mushroom, Painter’s White (white grey), Battleship Gray and Graphic Charcoal.

Photo: Behr.com

All these paint colours are designed to suit any room whether you want calming colours for a bedroom, bright options for a kitchen, or muted and elegant hues for a dining or living room.

Also, consider using one paint colour just for a feature wall and another colour for the other walls. Choose a wall where there’s a fireplace or large window that could be enhanced by highlighting it with a special colour.

Try colour swatches or samples first

Whenever you’re choosing paint colours get paint swatches to take home before committing to a colour. The colour can look drastically different from what you viewed under bright store lights as opposed to your home’s lighting. Your lighting fixtures will put a cast on the shade that’s different depending on your choice of lightbulbs, as well as the natural light that shines through your windows or skylights.

Or, you can also buy small sample pots of the paint so you can apply a few strokes of the colour on the wall and see how it changes its hue throughout the day from morning to night.

Choose a matte, eggshell or gloss finish

The colour may also look subtly different depending on whether you choose a matte, eggshell or gloss sheen. A matte finish is generally fine for living, dining and bedrooms or any rooms that don’t experience a lot of handprints, bumps and scrapes. Choose eggshell and gloss sheens for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms so walls can be easily wiped clean.

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