10 ways to keep critters out of your home

With winter on its way, critters of all kinds from mice to raccoons are looking for a warm cozy place to hibernate. Your home is a prime piece of real estate and in most cases, an easy place to sneak into. Tiny mice can do as much damage chewing through wires as raccoons can ripping vents off your roof and occupying your attic.

Here’s what you need to do to make your home a critter-free fortress. A HeyBryan Expert who specializes in Handyman services and odd jobs can help you with all these tasks.

Seal entry points

Do a thorough inspection of your exterior walls, doors, windows and foundation looking for any holes as small or wide as a dime. Mice only need about a quarter-inch gap to squeeze through. Pay particular attention to areas surrounding pipes, vents and faucets as these are the easiest entry points to expand. Seal gaps and holes with concrete or silicone and use metal mesh on vents that should be covered but still needs airflow. 

Lighten up your landscaping

Trim tree branches that are near your roof or a balcony so animals can’t use them as an easy bridge.

Install a chimney cap

A chimney is an easy entry point for animals that can reach your roof so install a chimney made of heavy-gauge galvanized metal. Book a HeyBryan roofing Expert since this is a dangerous job.

Don’t feed the birds

Bird feeders and bird baths attract other animals to your property so consider the risks of having these features.

Clear away wood piles

Keep wood piles at least 10 feet away from your exterior walls since they serve as a great hiding place for critters and an opportunity to bury into your home undetected.

Keep garbage sealed tight

If you can’t keep your garbage inside a garage or shed, build or buy secure storage for your garbage containers to avoid attracting animals to your leftovers.

Install a radio or lights in your attic

Most critters don’t like a noisy, bright place so use a battery-operated radio and light in your attic as long as it doesn’t bother you and your family.

Keep doors and windows closed

While it may be convenient to leave a door propped open, don’t underestimate the boldness of critters as small as a mouse or chipmunk who’ll sneak in when you’re not looking. Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible.

Protect your vegetable garden

Your vegetable garden is an inviting buffet to critters so protect it with a strong wire cage.

Get a dog or a cat

Having a dog or cat deters most critters from visiting, but don’t underestimate bold raccoons, sly possums and sneaky skunks from at least trying to move in. Spray them with a jet hose if you have to break up a fight.

Book a HeyBryan Handyman Expert who can help you seal entry points or other home maintenance tasks. Experts have been approved by the HeyBryan team, have insurance and passed background security checks.

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