10 ways to increase your basement storage

Your basement has lots of potential for storage space if you give it the help it needs to do the job right. With inexpensive and efficient storage systems, you’ll gain valuable storage space not only in your basement, but your whole home will benefit too from better organization.

First, declutter your basement by setting up two boxes labelled Charity and Garbage. Also have labels of the same categories to tag everything that’s too big for a box such as furniture, rugs, lamps, sports and computer equipment. 

When you’ve finished sorting through what stays and what must go, move the items to another area of your basement or main floor to arrange for pickup and delivery services, movers, or a place that suits you to deliver the stuff yourself when you can.

Here are 10 ways to increase your basement storage.


By far the most helpful storage system to keep your stuff organized is with shelves and fortunately you have lots of options for any budget. Wood, metal, metal wire and plastic shelving are available in a variety of price ranges and styles to buy, build, assemble yourself, or book an expert to help. Just be sure your choice of shelving suits the weight of the items and if possible, have the shelves secured to your basement studs so they don’t tip over.

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A series of brackets along a wall is an easy way to create open shelving for items ranging from 2x4s to a kayak or canoe. Secure the items with straps, cords or rope.


Don’t necessarily get rid of that old dresser just yet. Use the drawers to store items you want easy access to. Drawers also don’t have to be a large piece of furniture to be helpful. The tiniest of drawer systems can keep nails and screws organized.


Rubber and plastic totes are ideal for not only keeping items safe, but keeping them dry. Use them for books, photo albums and anything made of fabric or paper. Clear totes are best so you can see what’s inside without lifting the lid. Otherwise label the fronts. Totes are easy to stack, as long as you rarely need to access them. Otherwise, put them on strong shelving so you can take off the lids when necessary.


Open-ended bins are handy for items you need often such as work gloves or rags. Every size of open bin is available and choose the kind that you can stack.


Baskets are also ideal for items you use often and since they’re lightweight it’s easy to carry the whole basket of items to where you need them.


Install a pegboard made of wood or metal and use hooks to hang items ranging from tools to skates. When your needs change, it’s easy to move the hooks around.


Clothing racks are ideal to store seasonal clothing. Cover up the clothing in bags to keep them clean.


Look up at the basement joists and see what could be hung from them. A simple hook could hold carefully wrapped electrical cords and strong hooks could hold a bicycle by its wheels. Also consider the joists as potential space whereby cross boards could be nailed to hold skis and poles, or anything that’s long, skinny and lightweight.


Having dedicated space to do a project on a workbench turns your basement from storage space to a usable room to build, fix or paint something. Your tools can be kept in the drawers or on a pegboard so everything you need is at your fingertips.

The space under your stairs is also ideal for storage space. Consider using this area for items that you don’t need often since even the shortest member of the family can easily hit their head when reaching for the item.

To help you increase your basement storage space, book a HeyBryan Expert for pickup and delivery services of the items you want to get rid of. To build or assemble basement storage systems, book a handyman. HeyBryan experts have the skills, tools and experience to save you time and money. They have also had background checks done so you can feel comfortable having an expert in your home to help you increase your basement storage space.

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