10 tips to prepare your home for spring

Say hello to spring! Congratulate yourself on surviving winter despite sub-zero temperatures, high winds and heavy snowfalls. Now it’s time to see how well your home fared during Mother Nature’s polar vortex moods.

Here are the top 10 tips to prepare your home for spring.

1. Fix foundation cracks

With the thaw of snow and spring’s rainfall on top, check your basement to see if there are any wet areas. Winter’s freeze and thaw cycle can cause foundation walls to shift and crack, particularly near windows. If you see problems, contact a professional waterproofing company.They will determine if it’s major damage and they need to dig a trench around the outside of your foundation and apply waterproofing material, or if the crack is minor and can be filled from inside your home.

2. Repair windows

Windows and screens take a beating from the pressure of strong winds, snow and ice. Check to see if the glass has cracked, window trim has rotted, or screens have come loose from their frame; a HeyBryan handyman will definitely be able to help you out.

3. Inspect roof, chimney, skylights, gutters and downspouts

Your roof takes most of the brunt of winter’s wrath so have it checked for missing or loose shingles, skylight leaks, chimney and gutter damage.

4. Open water faucets

Outdoor faucets need to be opened and turned on slowly to ensure they still flow well. If there was water inside the pipes that froze, it can cause an expansion of about 10 per cent more volume. Book a plumber on HeyBryan if you detect a problem.

5. Clear vents

Clear debris, dirt and lint that may have accumulated in outdoor vents and ensure that flaps and mesh covers are still doing their job to keep critters and birds out.

6. Repair walkways

Patio stones may have shifted, and concrete and asphalt may have cracked and pitted thanks to the expansion of ice. Re-set, repair or replace before it becomes a tripping hazard.

7. Repair or replace siding and trim

Siding and trim may have blown off, bent or bowed by strong winds, snow and rain. Repair or replace.

8. Fix fencing and decks

Fences are vulnerable to strong winds and snow loads so check the posts and boards. Also inspect deck supports that may have weakened or sunk, or boards that may have lifted or rotted. Book a handyman on HeyBryan for help.

9. Air conditioner check

While you may not need to turn on the air conditioner yet, clear out debris if it wasn’t covered. Or for window air conditioners, check that the window ledge brackets are still strong. Turn it on and if there’s a problem, book an expert from HeyBryan to repair it in spring — when you might get a better deal than during the onset of a summer heat wave.

10. Wash windows, outdoor furniture and the barbecue

Your windows are likely dirty from pollution so clean them to eliminate streaks and smudges. Also wash outdoor furniture and check that the hardware is still tight. Uncover and clean your barbecue and ensure that it works.

In fact, lighting the barbecue is probably one of the most exciting ways to welcome spring so make it celebratory. Let the grilling begin!


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