10 tips to avoid a costly winter plumbing leak

We rarely think of how much damage water can do, until a toilet runs over, a pipe bursts, or a hose detaches while you’re at work. Welcome home to thousands of dollars of wet, soggy damage!

Here are 12 tips to avoid a costly winter plumbing leak or flood. If you can’t fix a plumbing problem yourself, or don’t have the time or tools, book a HeyBryan Expert plumber – so you won’t be calling your insurance company instead.

Clear water from outdoor faucets

To avoid leftover water in outdoor faucets and pipes from freezing and bursting inside your walls during winter, clear them before the extreme cold weather arrives. Shut off the water valve inside your home, and then go outside to the tap. Turn it on fully and let the remaining water run out until it’s reduced to a trickle. 

Fix a dripping faucet

A water drip that occurs every second can add up to 3,000 gallons a year which equals also about 180 showers. Fix the drip and save money.

Check washing machine hoses

Washing machine vibrations can cause a hose to loosen or detach. Check hoses a few times a year to ensure they’re strong and tight.

Clean faucet aerators

The aerator in faucets and shower heads can get clogged from mineral deposits. Remove it and soak in vinegar or clean with a product that removes lime, calcium and other minerals.

Check shut-off valves

Check your water shut-off valves twice a year to ensure that they’re working well and not dripping. Teach everyone in your family to know where to find it and what to do in an emergency.

Fix a running toilet

The sound of a running toilet is not only annoying, it’s an expense that can add up on your water bill. Check the flapper valve and replace it for one that offers a tight seal.

Check your water heater

Make sure your water heater doesn’t have a leak or any signs of pooling nearby. If it does, turn it off and book a HeyBryan plumber.

Put grease in the trash

Pouring grease down the drain can clog it with a sticky mess. Let grease solidify in your cooking pan and scrape it into the garbage instead. If your sink does get clogged with grease, try running hot water for 10 minutes to melt it.

Use hair strainers

Cover a sink, bathtub and shower drain with a strainer that captures hair so it doesn’t clog the drain.

Don’t flush wipes

Moistened wipes are getting a bad rap for good reason. They’re clogging up pipes and sewers. Just because the product says it’s flushable, these claims may be false. Don’t take the chance and throw wipes in the garbage instead.

To avoid a costly winter plumbing leak or flood, or have plumbing inspections, maintenance or repairs done, book a HeyBryan Expert plumber. HeyBryan Experts who specialize in plumbing have been vetted and approved by the HeyBryan team. You can feel comfortable having an Expert in your home to complete the task safely and efficiently.

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