10 things to declutter this winter

Start the new year off with fresh and focused thinking inspired by decluttering your home. Who says Spring Cleaning should take all the credit? Winter Cleaning needs to be a thing – especially since you’re spending more time inside your home anyway. Here are 10 things to declutter this winter – in alphabetical order just to show how committed you are at staying organized.


You know the rule… if you haven’t worn those jeans or sweaters in two years, you probably won’t ever again. Be ruthless and donate it to someone who needs it.


The holidays are over so while you’re packing up the decorations, carefully consider what items could go. Do some decorations look old and dated? Do you really need all those lights, garlands, wreaths, stockings and centrepieces?

Dishes and serving ware

Do you have a whole shelf of old mugs and glasses you never use? Do you have numerous serving plates and dishes that you didn’t even pull out for holiday entertaining? Free up your shelf and cupboard space.

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It isn’t easy to part with those old computer monitors, TVs and radios that have been relegated to your household electronic graveyard. But if the items don’t work, they should go to an electronic waste depot, charity or be sold if you think someone else could use them – even if just for parts. 

Games and toys

Do you have games people don’t play? Your games closet or shelf should undergo a purge. If you haven’t played the game in two years, give it away for another family to enjoy.


Much like clothing, bed linens, towels and blankets might be choking your linen closet if they haven’t been used in years. Consider downgrading items to painting drop sheets or garage towels if required, otherwise dispose of them.

Lotions and makeup

Take a look through your bathroom cupboards, way at the back, and decide which lotions you didn’t like after trying, or makeup that’s old. Use shampoos as bubble bath or hand soap if appropriate or drain the containers and toss it in the recycling bin.

Magazines and books

Lose some major clutter weight by discarding magazines and donating books. Your shelves will thank you.


Yes, you need to keep some financial files for seven years in case of an audit, but after that amount of time, sort through files and see what paperwork can go in the recycling bin. Be sure to shred confidential information.

Sports equipment

Do you still have a racquetball racket you haven’t touched in a decade? How about rollerblades that you thought would be easy? Maybe you’ve got skis and skates that no longer fit? Say goodbye to sports and leisure activities that no longer fuel a passion.

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