10 places to create more shelving storage

Shelves are so useful for so many things it’s worth looking around your home to see where storage shelving could be helpful. Whether it’s favourite knick-knacks that you want to display or sports equipment that needs to be stored in the off-season, there’s shelving unit space waiting to be discovered. Here’s where to look.

1. Go vertical

Look up high on your walls of any room. Could a narrow shelf be ideal to display your favourite souvenirs, memorabilia or a special collection? The shelf need only be four inches wide and it will keep the items safe and out of the way.

2. Behind a door

The wall behind a door is often left untouched. Cut out the drywall and have narrow shelves inset between the studs. Just be sure the door knob doesn’t interfere with what’s on the narrow shelves, or people coming through the door doesn’t make them fall off. Unbreakable items are best for this location.

3. Near a staircase

There’s often empty space underneath, above or beside a staircase so find out where there’s a cavity and build shelves into the area.

4. In the rafters

If you have an unfinished basement, install shelving up near the rafters so that space between joists can be utilized. This space is particularly ideal for long skinny items such as skis, poles and rods.

5. On existing shelves

Use wire shelf risers, or portable shelves, in kitchen cabinets (such as for plates) or on a shelf above a clothing rod (for shoes or sweaters) to provide double-decker shelves.

6. Closet or cupboard shelving

If space is too tight in a closet to add a shelf, insert several adjustable spring rods just three inches away from the back wall. That’s just enough space to hang shoes by their heels. In a cupboard, a mini adjustable spring rod can be placed one inch from the back board to hold tiny spice bottles.

7. In the garage, above your vehicle

When you park your vehicle in the garage, park underneath a large shelf where you can store big or awkward seasonal items such as snow tires, sleds and holiday decorations.

8. Wall niches

Wall studs are usually set 12 to 16 inches apart so there’s likely space somewhere for an attractive wall niche whether it’s a fancy prefabricated plaster type or simple shelves.

9. Above the toilet

The wall behind a toilet is often bare so install shelving above for toiletries. Just make sure there’s enough clearance to remove the toilet tank lid in case access is required.

10. Utilize a half wall

If a half wall or knee wall exists between two rooms, build shelves on top to display decorative accessories.

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