10 moving tips for students off to university

It’s an exciting time to be moving away for college or university, whether it’s to a dorm, student housing, or somewhere off campus. With so much to think about from registration to financing, packing and planning, the actual move itself can be easily forgotten. Here are 10 top moving tips to make it easier.

Make a list and check it twice

Make a list of everything you want to take. Create categories such as Clothing, Linens/Curtains, Electronics, Small Appliances, Housewares, Sports Equipment, Books, Files and Miscellaneous (such as for Tools). Keep a running tab on your smartphone so that every time you think of something to add, note it there.

Organize your items

Moving is a great opportunity to take a look at your clothing, furnishings and personal items, and purge what you don’t need. Put items into groups for charity, friends and family, to sell, or the trash. Book a HeyBryan Expert who specializes in Junk Removal or Pick Up & Delivery to take items away.

Avoid duplication 

Find out from your school or roommates what appliances, housewares or furnishings will already be there or what they are bringing. There’s no sense in having three toasters if you can share some small appliances.

Find out what’s allowed 

Plan on setting up an aquarium or bringing your pet guinea pig? Find out from your school or landlord if you can bring unusual items before you move.

Pack efficiently

Be efficient with your packing such as wrapping breakables in your towels, linens, socks, hats and scarves. 

Bag your clothes while they’re still on hangers so it’s an easy transfer to a closet rod. Also, use garbage bags and clear bags for items like comforters so you can re-use the bags later.

Use airtight ‘space’ bags that you can suction air from so it takes less space. 

Label boxes and totes by the room such as Kitchen, or by what the items are inside. Group small, light items into larger boxes or totes to minimize the number of boxes. Lighten the weight of a box by mixing heavy items with light ones.

Pack seasonal items together and mark them Winter Clothes or Summer Clothes so you can store them away for when they’re needed.

Take photos or videos of an assembly

It can be easy to forget how to wire up electronics or reassemble something that had to be dismantled for moving. Take photos or a video to remember how and book a HeyBryan Expert if Assembly is difficult. They have the tools necessary to rebuild your bed, shelves, reattach a mirror to a dresser or similar project.

Buy what you need when you get there

While you may think it’s proactive to buy everything you need before your move, you may actually waste money and time. Make a basic list of what you think you’ll need and after you’ve moved in and lived there for a few days, re-evaluate. You might find you didn’t need that item after all.

Draw a floor plan

If your space is large or has different rooms, draw a floor plan of where furniture and boxes are to go to make it easy for your movers and avoid having to rearrange the items after they’ve left. 

Pack essential items separately

Just like taking a trip, pack essential items for your first few days. Pack clothes, shoes, toiletries, medications, pyjamas/robe, towel, hairdryer, roll of toilet paper, etc. in a suitcase or duffel bag.

Also include a few housewares such as a plate, bowl, mug, glass, cutlery, or whatever you think you might need to make a quick meal – and a bottle opener or corkscrew to toast your first night in your new digs!

Book movers

Book your HeyBryan Moving Expert who offers services that suit your items, location, timing and budget.

September is the busiest time of the year for moving so book your HeyBryan Experts who specialize in Moving, Junk Removal, Pick Up & Delivery and Assembly Services early to help you. All HeyBryan Experts are vetted, background checked, and interviewed to ensure safety and security at all times.

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