10 Tips for an awesome outdoor patio

Dressing up your patio for summer relaxing and entertaining is easy and affordable with these cheap and cheerful ideas. Here’s what to do to make your patio or outdoor space a perfect place to party or unwind after a long day at work…

1. New pillows and chair pads

Freshen up your patio furniture with new pads and pillows. Lounge and chair pads, throw pillows, and blankets for chilly evenings will add pops of colour and make your patio cozy.

Source: storimodern.com

2. Outdoor rugs

Create an outdoor living room atmosphere with an area rug to add comfort underfoot. Choose lightweight material if you want to shake off dirt and debris at the end of the day. Or, select a weatherproof material and keep it out all season. Whether it’s a solid colour or a pattern, it will add an upscale look to your patio.

Source: housebeautiful.com

3. Mood lighting

Hang tiny string lights, put lanterns on tables, include outdoor floor lamps, or a chandelier on a pulley system hanging from a tree branch to create a romantic or festive evening atmosphere. You can buy electrical lights that plug in to an outlet, or battery-operated ones to be completely cordless.

Book an electrician for help setting up your outdoor mood lighting.

Source: Creative Homescapes

4. Hammock

Not many furniture pieces say summer like a hammock. Both practical and fun, hang one between two trees or have one or both ends attached to a sturdy structure such as a fence post, shed or your house. Or, consider a hammock that comes with its own stand so you can place it anywhere and keep moving from sun to shade on a whim.

5. Fire pits and bowls

Bring out the marshmallows! Fire pits and bowls are mesmerizing to watch, keep you warm at night and invite that storytelling vibe when friends and family are nearby.

6. Outdoor bar

Buy or build a portable bar for serving food and drinks. It can be as simple as a wooden or wicker high table with shelves and bar stools. Or, if you have a kitchen window nearby, build a table underneath it so you can serve drinks through the window. Put it on hinges so it can fold down flat and out of the way when it’s not needed.

Source: Family Handyman

7. Add greenery

Bare walls, whether it’s on your house or nearby fencing, can be made more interesting by hanging simulated ivy. There are also many types and sizes of fake greenery dividers from low to high that can define a space or add privacy.

8. Recycle old shutters, pallets and furniture

Four old shutters attached together and topped by a large tile or plank makes for an interesting and excellent side table. Or, use old wooden pallets to display plant pots. Screw large metal hose clamps to the wood and insert flower pots of any size. Also, consider bringing an old dresser outdoors, giving it a new look with fresh paint, and using it as a serving board and storage for the summer season.

9. Interesting planters

While you can place planters and urns anywhere on your patio to add colour, consider other types of containers for plants such as silver galvanized washtubs or old wooden tool boxes and crates.

10. Upgrade or update your umbrella

Change the fabric of your existing umbrella, or get a new one that has a different style. Also, consider a freestanding umbrella that you can move around your patio to keep you in the shade wherever you want to relax.

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